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29 May 1901 Elmira, Stark Co., Illinois
20 Mar 1922 Littleton, Colorado 1
Osceola Cem., Stark Co., Illinois

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William Fowler TUTTLE
19 Jun 1878 –

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Rev. James Harvey Tuttle, D. D. : A Memoir - Page 153


THE CHURCH OF THE REDEEMER 125 architectural gem, albeit on the bosom of so fair a city as Minneapolis. I looked at it, and over it, many times, and in all lights and from every angle, but I could not escape the conviction forced on me, when I first saw it, that it is the haudsomest church I was ever in. Externally it is very beautiful, but the interior is faultless. I shall not attempt to describe it. . . . The best description would entirely fail to convey an idea of the unique beauty of this elegant temple. I wish merely to put on record, here, the impression it made on me. We have some churches that are larger, some that are more pretentious in their style, and some that are completer in their appointments. But we have not one that compares Avith this uniform artistic propriety. It is solid, graceful, convenient, elegant. The total cost of the edifice was about $85, 000. ... I never saw an audience-room so admirably adapted to show off a congregation. And having said that, I am bound in candor to add, that I have never seen an audience, which would better bear exposure in a strong light. If I may judge the congregation which usually worships in that church, by the one I had the pleasure of addressing, morning and evening, of the 21st of October, it has few equals in our commimion, and no superiors, however estimated.1 1 The following item appeared about this time in the Min- neapolis Tribune: General Washburn has always been a prominent member. Dorilus Morrison, the millionaire park commissioner, miller, and manufacturer, occupies a …

Rev. James Harvey Tuttle, D. D. : A Memoir - Page 193


CONFERENCE WITH DR. TUTTLE 105 thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best, though thus cut off in its morning, we may not justly say, It was an early death. An editorial in the Evening Journal said : No citizen of Minneapolis was possessed of more sterling or manly qualities than James C. Tuttle. In every rela- tion of life he seemed almost a model, a thoroughly honor- able and capable business man, affable and genial in his intercourse with all who came in contact with him, a tender husband, a devoted son, a proud and happy father, a staunch, true friend in which relation he stood to almost the entire community he was one of those rare characters whom to know is to honor, admire, and love. A SIGN OF THE MILLENNIUM One more extract, and only one, from the writers diary, may be introduced here: May 4, 1886 . Spent an hour or two with Dr. Tuttle this afternoon and quite cheered him up. He even laughed when I told him about the First Congregationalist service of last Sunday eve. Dr. Bridgman, quite a broad-minded Methodist, of Hamline College, had supplied the pulpit of the First Church and was to preach in the evening. During the afternoon the building burned, and Mr. Powers (Universalist) went and offered the use of his house for …

Rev. James Harvey Tuttle, D. D. : A Memoir - Page 137


A YEAR OF TRAVEL 111 Mrs. Tyler, Mrs. Melendy, and Mrs. Cushman, and Messrs. Charles B. Eustis, J. A. Bowman, Place, and Lyman. Professor Marston conducted the opening exercises, after which Mr. Tuttle spoke: It is nearly a year since I stood here and parted from you with a few farewell words. I remember the enthu- siasm with which I spoke of my journey, and the joy with which I thought of taking it. Much of the latter came from the fact that you did not ask me to resign, but gen- erously voted me a years absence. Then I was about to take a journey full of life-long expectations ; now I stand here, not to tell you that I am going, but that I have been; to tell you that I have seized the argosy of pleasure, which seemed so far away, and have enjoyed it to the fullest extent. THE HOME TTES All through my travels, I felt the ties that have so long united me to this church, pulling my heart, and pull- ing me back to you. I never entered a church, large or small, old or new, or even a cathedral, that I did not think of the church you are building, and did not look it over with the idea of getting some new suggestion or device that would be of benefit to us. I never sat in a congrega- tion, but I thought of …

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