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Sarah Elizabeth Nelson 2 3 4 5 6

Aug 1873 Kansas, United States 7 8 9 10 11
28 Feb 1940 Walla Walla, Washington, United States 12

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Sarah Elizabeth Nelson's Family Relations

robert Nelson
1840 –
Martha A. Bouldin
1855 – 1908

James Hope Nelson
31 Oct 1879 –
John Robert Nelson
15 Dec 1873 –
30 Nov 1882 –
Annie Louvinia NELSON
4 Feb 1876 –

Jesse Arthur Backus
11 Jun 1863 – 16 Aug 1945

Ruth Levina Backus
May 1893 –
Arthur Eugene Backus
23 Nov 1896 – 18 Oct 1974
Lester Elmer Backus
15 Jul 1898 – 24 Sep 1971
Marie Ilo Backus
2 Jun 1900 – 31 Mar 1985
Laurie Delbert Backus
1903 – 22 Apr 1977

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Memoirs of the Life of Vice-Admiral, Lord Viscount Nelson, K. B., Duke of Bronté, Etc., Etc., Etc (Volume 1) - Page 83


42 upr or vice-admiral [crap. ii. own hand, to Lord Hood, and offered 6000 troops to aaaist in the preservation of Toulon. Here, too, Nelson first saw Lady Hamilton, who afterwards exercised such remarkable influence over him, and which extended to the last moments of his existence. As the principal part of the correspond- ence from 1798 to that lamented time will form the chief portion of novelty offered by these volumes, and to which the present pages may be considered as preparatory and essential to complete the series of events which distinguished the career of thin illustrious hero, it will not be out of place, nor uninteresting, to insert the account (which, however, it must be recollected, was written under the eye of Lady Hamil- ton), ; of the manner and the circumstances under which he was introduced to her:M Sir William, on returning home, after his first interview with Nelson, told Lady Hamilton that he was about to introduce to her a little man, who could not boast of being very handsome, but who would become the greatest man that ever England produced. I know it from the very few words of conversation I have already had with him. I pronounce that he will one day astonish the world. 1 have never entertained any officer at my house, but I am determined to bring him here ; let him be put in the room prepared for Prince Augustus. Nelson …

The Life of Admiral Lord Nelson, K.b., From His Lordships Manuscripts : by James Stanier Clarke and John MArthur - Page 531


511 The complete victory which you have gained over the Common Enemy, and the destruction of the French Fleet, are assuredly sufficient ti- tles to draw on you the suffrages of that part of Europe which still retains its reason. In order to give you a marked acknowledgment of the justice rendered by me to your military talents, I have sent you a box, with my portrait, en- riched with diamonds; and I beg that you would feel assured of my high regard, and I pray God that he may keep you under his holy and gra- cious protection. Paul. (1798.) The manner of opening the war which the Neapolitan Court had at length decided on, is given in the following letter from the Sici- lian Minister Acton, written in English, to Sir William Hamilton, dated Caserta, October 13. I acquaint you, my dear Sir, by the Kings orders, with the resolutions taken last night and this morning, about the operations of his Ma- jestys army, and must beg of you to present this intelligence to Admiral Nelson. It has been determined that 30, 000 men should march as soon as possible towards the best positions in the Appenines, in order to cover the kingdom from its threatened invasion; and that 15, 000 men should be ready on our frontiers, to support the first army for the garrison of Rome and other places, …

Biographical Memoirs of Lord Viscount Nelson, With Observations, Critical and Explanatory - Page 144


116 MEMOIRS OF their admiral, therefore, on the subject of naval tactics, every one of the captains of his squadron was most thoroughly acquainted ; and upon sur- veying the situation of the enemy, they could as- certain with precision, what were the ideas and intention of their commander, without the aid of any further instructions : by which means signals became almost unnecessary, much time was saved, and the attention of every captain, could almost undistractedly be paid to the conduct of his own particular ship, a circumstance from which, upon this occasion, the advantages to the general ser- vice were almost incalculable. It cannot here be thought irrelevant, to give some idea of what were the plans which Admiral Nelson had formed, and which he explained to his captains with such per- spicuity, as to render bis ideas completely their own. To the naval service, at least, they must prove not only interesting, but useful. Had be fallen in with the French fleet at sea, that he might make the best impression upon any part of it that should appear'the most vulnerable, or the most eligible for the attack, he divided his force into three sub-squadrons, namely, Vanguard Orion Culloden Minotaur Goliah Theseus Leander Adacious Majestic Alexander Bellerophon. Swiftsure, Defence Zealous.

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About Sarah Elizabeth Nelson

Sarah Elizabeth Nelson is a member of the Nelson Family.

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