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Thomas Willis

1615 , , , England
1669 , Middlesex, Virginia, USA

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Thomas Willis's Family Relations

Richard Willis
1590 – 26 Oct 1626
Jane Henmarsh
1607 – 12 Mar 1629

Jane Willis
1633 – 1649
Jane Willis
1635 – 1680
John Willis
1636 –
Elizabeth Willis
1631 – 1725
William Willis
1629 – 1630
William Willis
1629 – 1719
Richard Willis
1627 – 13 Jan 1690
Thomas Willis
1625 – 6 Feb 1670
Thomas Willis
6 Sep 1612 – 17 Nov 1701
John Willis
1633 –

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A History of the Willis Family of New England and New Jersey and Their Ancestors - Page 234


228 A History of the Willis Family way, we do refer ourselves until such time as it shall please God to settle us in our plantation. In witness whereof, we subscribe our hands, the first day of June, 1639 . Twenty-five members of the company signed this covenant, the first one being 1 Mr. Robert Kitchell. Mr. Kitchell was probably older than most of the settlers; was one of the administrators of the new settlement until the church was established. a Agreed that the Civil power for the administra- tion of justice and preservation of peace shall re- main in the hands of Robert Kitchell, William Chit- tenden, John Bishop and William Leete, formerly chosen for that work, until some may be chosen out of the church that shall be gathered here. Sept. 29, 1639 , Henry Whitfield, Robert Kitchell, William Leete, William Chittenden, John Bishop and John Coffinge, as agents of the associate planters, purchased the tract which constitutes nearly all of the present town of Guilford, from Shaumpishuh, the Sachem-squaw of the …

The Story of Laulii : A Daughter of Samoa. Giving Her Life, Manners and Customs of the Islanders, Peculiarities of the Race, Games, Amusements, Incidents of Many Kinds, and Matters of Interest in Connection With the Samoan People. Also, a Sketch of the Life of Alexander A. Willis, (Her Husband.) - Page 109


A Costly Stove. 93 My people had told me that they would send me down some food; so in the evening three young men, my cousins, came down with the food put up in a basket by my mother, and called me and Lolo and said: Take this food and when you cook white man's food for Mr. Willis, you can eat this for yourselves. They were just leaving the house when Mr. Wil- lis came in and he asked who were these young men who had just gone out. I said they were my relations; and he got mad and jumped out and chased them. This ended my first days experience as house- keeper. We lived on then sometime in this one room, until Mr. Willis bought a house and built an Amer- ican shingle roof over it, and then removed the old thatched roof from beneath, which we thought wonderful. Here we had a big yard and I raised lots of chickens and kept this pig. Mr. Willis bought a stove, which with its pots, kettles, etc., cost $135 in gold; then he began to teach us to cook. We made some little plain cakes, and Mr. Willis came one Sunday and said: LESSONS IN COOKING. 11 Now you and Lolo come here and I will show you how American women cook. I said: All right; but we dont like to work on Sunday. He said: Yes, any way you come and look on;

A History of the Willis Family of New England and New Jersey and Their Ancestors - Page 193


A History of the Willis Family 187 10 Richard Prydderch Williams (2nd), b. Dec. 15, 1912 . 10 Florence Colston Williams, b. Sept. 2, 1915 . Bethuel Clinton Farrand (7th), b. at Auburn, now Aure- lius, New York, m. first Laura Worthing Whitman, a native of North Haverhill, New Hampshire, later of St. Clair, Michigan, where the marriage took place; they had three children, 8 Laura Caroline, b. at Port Huron, Mich., Sept. 1, 1846 , educated in eastern schools and University of Michigan; m. Silas L. Ballentine, of Port Huron, on Nov. 7, 1868 ; Mr. Ballentine d. Feb. 9, 1902 . 8 Mary Emma, b. at Port Huron, Mich., June 24, 1849 ; grad- uate of University of Michigan 1877, Masters Degree 1878; m. Joel …

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