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Francis Bythell Haynes 1

1734 Halifax County, North Carolina
1770 Halifax County, North Carolina
Halifax County, North Carolina

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Francis Bythell Haynes's Family Relations



Bythell Haynes
– 1839
Christopher Haynes
1761 – 13 Nov 1831

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Annual Reports of the Selectmen, Road Agents, School Board and Haynes Library of the Town of Alexandria for the Year Ending December 31, 1953 (Volume 1953) - Page 39


37 HAYNES LIBRARY ASSOCIATION Treasurers Report Jan. 1, 1953 Cash on hand, checking account $ 23.54 Deposits from savings 494.00 Deposits from dividends 114.40 $ 631.94 Amount Paid Out: Public Service Co., lights $ 21.60 Library Insurance 38.47 Coffin & Burr Inc., N.H. fire ins. 484.00 Nellie K. Wadhams, librarian 50.00 Sherman Wadhams, janitor 7.00 $ 601.07 Total $ 30.87 Amount Cash On Hand: 43 shares New Hampshire Fire Insurance $ 1, 834.00 14 shares Public Service Co. 1, 088.50 Amount in Bristol Savings Bank 8.13 Amount in Franklin Savings Bank 125.89 Ymount in checking account 30.87 $ 3, 087.39 CHESTER G. YOUNG, Treasurer.

Annual Reports of the Selectmen, Road Agents, School Board and Haynes Library of the Town of Alexandria for the Year Ending December 31, 1947 (Volume 1947) - Page 32


30 HIGHWAY AGENTS REPORT Ernest R. Sanborn, Road Agent January 1 to December 31, 1947 SNOW WORK Ernest R. Sanborn, labor $556.70 Ernest R. Sanborn, truck 204.20 Ned Haynes, labor 266.90 Glenn Hazelton, labor 9.20 Myron Sanborn, Jr., labor 18.20 Myron Sanborn, labor 21.40 James Adams, labor 123.10 John Pitman, labor 9.20 Jack Riley, labor 7.00 Calvin Evins, labor 2.10 Archie Bucklin, labor 86.00 C. P. Stevens, bolts .62 Herbert Ramsey, labor 64.80 L. C. Patten, labor on tractor 31.25 L. C. Patten, labor 30.00 L. C. Patten, gas, oil, repairs 119.82 Casellini Venable, grozers and parts 323.82 Chas. A. Carr, oil 136.79 Milon Adams, labor 20.80 Herbert Fiske, labor 3.20 Cyrs Welding …

Sketches of the Life and Character of the Rev. Lemuel Haynes, A.M. - Page 218


REV. LEMUEL HAYNES* 213 be the latter, at least if God calls.* Religion is at a low ebb among us ; may the Lord revive his work. Dont forget to remember us in your intercessions. Sincerely yours. N. B. I expect to move to Granville next week. The following extract of a letter from the wife of his excellency the late Richard Skinner, will show the high estimation in which Mr. Haynes was held in Manches- ter, and also present some of his characteristic peculi- arities. Manchester, Feby. 18th, 1836. * * * In the summer of 1818, this church and society, being destitute of the stated administration of the word and ordinances, invited Mr. Haynes to come and reside here ; and although it was not considered expedient to call him as our permanent pastor, yet he continued with us about three years. His labours were acceptable to the peoplehis influence and example promoting religion and morality, and gradually advan- cing the interests of the Redeemers kingdom. Many of our people still remember him with deep respect and affection as their spiritual guide. As a man, Mr. Haynes was cheerful in temper, affable in demeanour, quick in perception, shrewd and sensible, and in his daily intercourse with his fellow-men, exhibiting that trait of character enjoined by our Lord, Be ye wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. In his public ad- ministrations he was devout and serious …

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About Francis Bythell Haynes

Francis Bythell Haynes is a member of the Haynes Family.

Author Notes

His wife was reportedly the widow of Richard Smith.


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