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Jasper Nichols Cooper

4 Jan 1925

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Jasper Nichols Cooper's Family Relations

Mary Adella Sulton
6 Sep 1874 – 21 Jan 1939
January 10, 1894
Hot Springs Co., Arkansas, USA

Ella Cooper
Nov 1895 –
Eulis Victor Cooper
23 Mar 1902 – May 1965
Hershel Cooper
6 Feb 1906 – 1973

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History of Cooper County, Missouri - Page 1233


HISTORY OF COOPER COUNTY 969 ville. That was in the days before the railroad and his goods were hauled from Boonville by ox-teams. Upon the outbreak of the Civil War he dropped his commercial affairs at Otterville, leaving his store in charge of Mr. Gannon, and helped in the organization of a troop of cavalry for the service of the Confederacy; was elected captain of Company A, Second Missouri Cavalry, attached to the command of General Forrest, and with that gallant command served until the close of the war. Upon the com- pletion of his military service Captain Zollinger resumed his mercantile business at Otterville and was thus engaged until his retirement from the store in 1892. Two years later, in 189J, he organized the present Bank of Otterville, was elected president of the same and thereafter gave his whole attention to his banking business, continuing thus engaged until his retirement from business in 1908. Following his retirement the Captain ontinued to make his home in Otterville and there spent his last days, his death occurring on March 30, 1914 . In addition to his business inter- ests he was the owner of a fine farm of 350 acres and had other sound investments. At the time of his death he was the oldest continuous mem- ber of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in the state of Missouri, having become a member of that order …

History of Howard and Cooper Counties, Missouri - Page 257


HISTORY OF HOWARD AND COOPER COUNTIES. 241 For early settlers, see Prairie, Richmond and Bonne Femme townships. BURTON. This town is located on the line of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railroad, and contained a population in 1880, of 129 ; the population now (1883) is considerably more. The business includes several stores, general assortment, a blacksmith shop, etc. The Patrons of Husbandry have at this point (the only one in the county) a co-operative store. There is a hotel and one church edifice. The railroad company have here a good and sufficient depot. BONNE FEMME TOWNSHIP. BOUNDARY. Bonne Femme township remains as it was originally formed, in 1821, excepting sections 11, 14, 15, 22, 23, have since been taken off, and added to the new township of Burton. Bonne Femme is situ- ated in the northeastern portion of the county, and is bounded on the north by Randolph, on the east by Boone county, on the south by Moniteau township, and on the west by Burton and Prairie townships. PHYSICAL FEATURES. This township, like Howard county generally, is a timbered dis- trict, there being all the varieties known to this latitude. The surface is hilly and undulating, and in some portions of the township, the country is broken and the soil is thin. Limestone abounds. The Bonne Femme and Moniteau …

History of Cooper County, Missouri - Page 997


HISTORY OF COOPER COUNTY 787 H. Bodamer, the subject of this sketch; Sophia, married Fred Knorp; and William died at the age of 23 years. To Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Bodamer have been born five children, as follows: Arthur, born April 6, 1896 , a farmer and stockman of Prairie Home township; Carl, bom June 26, 1897 , resides at home; William, born May 12, 1899 , a graduate of the California High School, resides at home; Marie E., born April 28, 1914 , and Elsia Gertrude, born Feb. 18, 1911 . William was at the Washington University Training School at St. Louis, Mo., when the war closed. Charles H. Bodamer is a progressive and public spirited citizen. He . and Mrs. Bodamer are members of the Methodist Church at Jamestown. Frank Irving Hale, a progressive and …

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