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Ezra Spencer 1

1793 Canadice, Ontario, New York, USA 2
16 Nov 1841 Canace,NY

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Ezra Spencer's Family Relations

Samuel B Spencer
1761 – 3 Mar 1839
Olive Casey
23 Jan 1771 – 15 Mar 1863

Ira G Spencer
8 Dec 1792 – 6 Feb 1876
Orra spencer
26 Jan 1795 – 9 Nov 1868
Horace Spencer
1796 – 1841
Matilda Spencer
17 May 1803 – 4 Jun 1865
Lorenzo D Spencer
1806 – 20 Oct 1868
Olive Spencer
Oct 1810 – 13 Jan 1846
Otis C Spencer
1814 –
Cyrus Spencer
1816 –
Samuel J Spencer
1790 – Oct 1868

Clarissa Gilbert
1790 – 13 Mar 1846

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Genealogical Sketch of the Descendants of Samuel Spencer of Pennsylvania - Page 100


82 THE SPENCER FAMILY Samuel Spencer, 2nd, had conveyed to Jacob, in 1746, and he also received the tract of 47 acres, which Jacob had bought in 1768 of John Care, and Mary, his wife, 1 and which adjoined the homestead property, lying on two streams, affluents of the Pennypack, and extending out to the Keith road, now the Willow Grove and Doylestown Turnpike. (Out of this tract of 47 acres, a curious irregularly shaped meadow lot of 5 acres was sold by Jarrett to his brother John, Fourth month 2, 1783, as appears by an old deed preserved by Jesse F. Spencer.) A neat draft of the property of Jarrett Spencer, made by Robert Loller, the distinguished surveyor, is among the same collection of papers. This was made in 1783, and shows Jarretts pos- session of about 86 acres. (The adjoining properties were those of Thomas Hallowell, Daniel Ryan, Robert Barnes, land now or late of Paul Penington, and Jacob Spencer.) In 1784 he bought …

Salisbury-Spencer, North Carolina City Directory [1924/1925] (Volume VIII) - Page 299


YADKIN FURNITURE COMPANY, Inc. HIGH CLASS FURNITURE AND HOUSE FURNISHINGS Brenlin Window Shades Made to Order. 115 W. Inniss St. Phone 232 PLAYER 373 REAL ESTATE Plaver Pianos MAYNARD BROS, 224 s Main (see top lines) Plumbers Steam and Gas Fitters Beaver Bros, 110 e Fisher FISHER C J W PLUMBING CO, 225 n Long (see p 9) Gantt M L, 121 w Fisher KLUTTZ G T, 114 w Fisher (see side lines) Weant G E, 215 s Main Pottery Baker Pottery Co (The), Inniss 126% e Poultry Supplies ROWAN SEED CO, 115 e Fisher (see center lines) Power Companies (See Electric Light and Power) Pressing Clubs (See Cleaning- and Pressing) PrintersBook and Job MILLER PRESS (Inc), Asheville N C (see adv) PEELERS PRINTERY (1st fl) , Wallace Bldg (see side lines) Howa.n Printing Co, 126% n Main plpencer News (The), 104 4 th Spencer …

Vital Records of Spencer, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849 - Page 179


SPENCER MARRIAGES. 173 Jenks, William S. of Brookfield and Mary Ann Green, int. March , 1834. JEWETT, Hervey S. and Sally Taylor, int. July 10, 1847 . JOHNSON (see Jonson), Abiathar Jr. of Northbrookfield and Adaline Bisco, int. April 29, 1826 . Willis and Ruhamah Ball, int. Nov. 20, 1829 . JONES, Dr. Asa and Lucy Dunbar, Dec. 22, 1816 . Asa T. (s. Asa and Lucy, a. 24) and Percis Guilford, April 27, 1845 . Clarissa Ann and Horace Blanchard, Aug. 19, 1820 . Eli and Elisabeth Drury, Nov. 3, 1816 . Eliza E. and Warren H. Dunton of Brookfield, May 9, 1844 . Elisabeth and …

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Ezra Spencer is a member of the Spencer Family.

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