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Abigail Hubbard

11 Jun 1774
1827 1

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Abigail Hubbard's Family Relations

William Hubbard
1760 –

Enos JR Sanford
24 Oct 1773 – 5 Feb 1847
December 11, 1793

Elias Sanford
13 Apr 1809 – 16 Apr 1890
Joel Hubbard Sanford
13 Aug 1800 – 2 May 1847

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One Thousand Years of Hubbard History, 866 to 1895 - Page 336


328 H U B B A R D H IS T O R Y A N D G EN EA LO G Y. B E L A H U B B A R D (descended from George Hubbard of Guilford, Ct.), fourth son of Daniel and Diana (Ward) Hubbard, was born August 27, 1739 , in Guilford, Ct. He graduated at Y ale College in 1758 (which in 1804 conferred upon him the degree of D.D.), and afterward studied theology at K in gs (now Columbia) College, under the instruction of its President, Rev. Dr. Johnson. In 1763 he crossed the ocean with his friend Rev. (afterward Bishop) Jarvis to obtain holy orders, there being no Bishop in this country. He was ordained Deacon by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Frederick Keppel, Bishop of Exeter, in K in g s Chapel, London, Feb 5, 1764 , and Priest by Rt. Rev. Dr. Charles Lyttleton, Bishop of Carlisle, in St. …

One Thousand Years of Hubbard History, 866 to 1895 - Page 449


( X C LASSIFIEI) DA TA A X D MfSCELLAXY. THF. K F. 1.1.0 ( ; G - H U B B A R I ) L I B R A R Y B U I L D I N G A T MON T PF.I.I F.R, V I . This building, now in course of erection at Montpelier, Vt., is to be donated to the town when completed. It is expected to cost upwards of sixty thousand dollars, one half of which comes from the estate of Fanny M. (Hubbard) Kellogg', daughter of R o ger and Fanny (Burbank) Hubbard of Montpelier. Mrs. K E L L O G G was born in Montpelier, Yt., (Jet. 9, 1819, and died in N ew Y o rk City January 29, 1890 . She was the wife of Martin M. Kellogg- , whom she married in 1849. H er estate came to her from her father, R o ger Hubbard. The other half of the amount necessary to finish this hand some structure (about thirty thousand dollars) has been given to the L ib rary Association by JO H N E R A S T U S H U B B A R D J O H X KRAS TUS H U B B A R D . (see page 360 for biography and descent line) of Montpelier, The building is …

One Thousand Years of Hubbard History, 866 to 1895 - Page 396


3 S8 H U B B A R D H IS T O R Y A N D G E N E A L O G Y . menagerie at supper-time. Mr. N IXO N grasped in exultation the situ ation as he repeated over to himself the words, This is the place I lonp have sought. And mourned because I found it not. The Intcr-Occan had a door wide open for him. He entered and assumed management. A s one tingles when an electric battery current pervades him, so did the Intcr-Occan begin to vibrate and scintillate at his touch. It became a great paper. It is a great power. Mr. NIXO N is a stiff-backed Republican, and is the Editor-in-Chief of this great plant. He owns the controlling interest that shapes the papers daily policy. (His brother, Dr. Oliver W. Nixon, who married Louise Elston, owns also a part interest in it, and ably assists in its management). Being one-eighth Indian, Mr. N IXO N has a double right to be called Chief N IXO N . He is descended from a Cherokee Chief. About 1740 Joseph Hubbard, a Quaker preacher, married Anne Crews, who had a sister Susanna. Both were the daughters of a Chero kee Chief who married in North Carolina a white woman. The Chero- kees of North Carolina at that time were wealthy, powerful, friendly to the government, and …

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Abigail Hubbard is a member of the Hubbard Family.

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