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Josias Janse Drats

1701 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA

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Josias Janse Drats's Family Relations

Aeltje Brouwer
1658 – 30 Apr 1707
April 30, 1682
Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA

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Crosbys Andover and North Andover Directory, 1930-31 - Page 265


THE CHILDREN PROVIDED FOR UNTIL THEY ARE ABLE TO PROVIDE FOR THEMSELVES. Easy to Accomplish Consult Me. WILLIAM H. JAQUITH 2nd, General Agent 415-16-17 BAY STATE BUILDING, LAWRENCE MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. CROSBYS NORTH ANDOVER (1930-31) DIRECTORY 265 McCormack Daniel (Elizabeth) mill McDonough Mary mill opr b 53 Mass opr h 73 Main av McCormack Elizabeth wid James h 40 McDonough Patrick J died July 14, Marblehead 1929 McCormack Ellen M b 40 Marblehead McDonough Sarah M mill opr b 53 McCormack Fred (Adelaide) mill opr Mass av h 24 Saunders McDonough Thomas J mill opr b 53 McCracken John (Pearl) rem to Mass av Methuen McDuffie Anna …

Federal Register [microform] (Volume 39) - Page 753


18976 RULES AND REGULATIONS (4) pH. Proceed as directed in $ 440.80a(b) (5) (11) of this chapter, using a solution containing 33 milligrams per milliliter. PART 440PENICILLIN ANTIBIOTIC DRUGS Subpart ABulk Drugs See 440.5 Amplclllln. 440.7 Amplclllln trlhydrate. 440.7 Sterile amplclllln trlhydrate. 440.9ft Sterile sodium amplclllln. 440.11 Carbenlclllln lndanyl sodium. 440.13 Sterile disodium carbenlclllln. 440.15 Sodium cloxacllUn. 440.19 Nonsterile sodium dlcloxaclUln monohydrate. 440.19ft Sterile sodium dlcloxaclllln mono- hydrate. 440-25 Nonsterile hetaclllln. - 440.29 Nonsterile potassium hetaclllln. 440.29a Sterile potassium hetaclllln. 440.36ft Sterile sodium methlcillln. 440.41 Nonsterile sodium nafclllln mono- hydrate. 440.41a Sterile sodium naiclllln monoby- drats. 440.49 Sodium oxacillin. 440.49ft Sterile sodium oxacillin. 440.51 Penicillamine. 440.53a Sterile aluminum penicillin (alu- minum penicillin salt). 440.55ft Sterile benzathine penicillin O (benzathine penicillin.O salt). 440.57a Sterile benzathine phenoxymethyl penicillin (benzathine phenoxy- methyl penicillin salt). 440.59a Sterile chloroprocalne penicillin O (penicillin O chloroprocalne salt). 440.60a Sterile dlbenzylamlne penicillin O salt). (dlbenzylamlne penicillin G 440.61a Sterile, dietbylamlnoethyl ester penicillin O hydrlodlde (penicil- lin O dlethylamlnoethyl ester hydrlodlde). 440.63a Sterile enhedrlne penicillin (peni- cillin ephedrlne salt), ephedrlne penicillin Q (penicillin Q ephe- drlne salt). 440.65a Sterile f-ephenamlne penicillin O (penicillin Q J-ephenamlne salt). 440.66 Hydrabamine penicillin G (hydra- bamlne penicillin G salt). 440.69 Hydrabamine phenoxymethyl pen- icillin. 440.71 Phenoxymethyl penicillin. 440.73 Potassium phenoxymethyl peni- cillin (potassium phenoxymeth- yl penicillin salt). 440.74a Sterile procaine penicillin (peni- cillin procaine salt), procaine penicillin G (penicillin G pro- caine salt). 440.80a Sterile sodium penicillin (penicil- lin sodium, penicillin sodium salt), sterile calcium penicillin, (penicillin calcium, penicillin calcium salt), sterile crystalline penicillin (crystalline penicillin sodium, crystalline penicillin so- dium salt, crystalline penicillin potassium, crystalline penicillin potassium salt, crystalline peni- cillin G sodium, crystalline pen- icillin G sodium salt, crystalline penicillin G potassium, crystal- line penicillin G potassium salt, crystalline penicillin O sodium, crystalline …

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography (Volume XIV) - Page 427


BOOK REVIEWS. 333 The Records, of course, contain frequent entries in regard to the important office of treasurer, but the index has but one reference One desiring to know something of Virginias infant industries, will look, but look in vain, in the index for iron, salt, and glass. Each of these was a subject for frequent consideration by the Company, and iron and gla>s works were established in the colony. Taking up errors of another sort, we find that Vol. I, p. 31, the reference given after A True Declatation of the Estate of the Colony, is incorrect, 32 being the correct page. And, if the publications begin- ning with True were 10 be grouped in the index, why omit Hamors True Relation. Neither under charter, nor letters patent is there any notice of the revocation, though of course there is an account of this in the intro- duction. In spite of its faults, however, the index may be considered fairly good. While we should like to see the Records of the Virginia Company of London in the hands of every student* of history in the United Slates, we could aKo w ish that the orders from Virginia alone would be so large that they would exhaust this edition. It is announced by the Librarian of Congress that the edition is limited. The price is fixed at the wonderfully low sum of $400 the set, payable in drats or …

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About Josias Janse Drats

Josias Janse Drats is a member of the Drats Family.

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