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Johann Phillippe Ziegler


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Johann Phillippe Ziegler's Family Relations


Johann Jacob Ziegler
3 Feb 1747 – 1830

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Major David Ziegler - Page 46


42 Major David, Ziegler. dignity of deportment and affectionate kindness of character' whom he met in Cincinnati. He says that the elegance of the houses, the parade of servants, the display of furniture, and more than all, the luxury of their over loaded tables, would compare with the better houses in the x\tlantic cities. He gives this discription of their market: In another place the Tunkers with their long and flowing beards have brought their teams with their fat mutton and fine flour. Fowls, domestic and wild turkeys, venison, those fine birds which are here called partridges, but which we call quails, all sorts of fruits and vegetables, equally excellent and cheap. The abundant good cheer and hearty welcome guests re- ceived reminded him of accounts of old English hospitality. General Harrison, for instance, kept open house to all respectable visitors. Mrs. Ludlow, describing Cincinnati in 1797, says that it was then a village of wooden buildings with a garrison of soldiers. The society consisted of a small number of ladies, united by the most perfect good will, and desire for mutual happiness. The gentlemen were social and intelligent. For several of the latter, among whom she mentioned Major Ziegler, slid felt an almost fraternal regard, a regard which others whom the kindly Major at that or a later day, had welcomed with cordial and genial hospitality, shared with her. A characteristic story is related by Mr. Israel Ludlow: …

Major David Ziegler - Page 31


Major David Ziegler. 27 considered the first in point of discipline and appearance. Four fifths of the company have been Germans, majority of the present are men who served in Germany. Ziegler was in frequent communication with his superior officers as is shown by the following letter Fort Washington, April 5, 1790 . Dear Sir : I have received your several letters of the 18th Feb- ruary, and the 6th, 24th, 26th and 27th ult. You did right in sending the two men with the contractors boat, as the Indians begin already to be very troublesome on the river near Scioto. The clothing, sheet iron, cartridges and flints all arrived safe. The remainder of the clothing I shall be expecting when Lieut. Denny arrives. Mrs. Harmar joins me in respectful compliments to Mrs. Ziegler and Mrs. Hart. Give my compliments to all our New England acquaint- ances. I wish their settlement may prosper. We have a delightful situation here, and an excellent garrison; on danger, as there is with you, of an inundation. I am dear sir, &c., Jos. Harmar. Captain David Ziegler, Commanding officer at Fort Harmar. It was about January 2, 1790 , when Governor St. Clair ar- rived at Losantiville, and being a member of …

Major David Ziegler - Page 24


20 Major David, Ziealer. below Pittsburg. April 12th (1786) an express arrived at Fort McIntosh from Fort Pitt with information that a number of Indians had come in there the night before, their design unknown. Captain Ziegler set out immediately to ascertain their intentions. On May 4th Zieglers and Strongs companies embarked for Muskingum where they arrived on May 8 and encamped in the woods a little distance from Fort Harmar, which had been built by Major Doughty the preceding autumn. All along the winding river, And adown the shady glen, On the hill and in the valley, The voice of war resounds again. For the following four years these two companies marched from one place to another in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Ken- tucky, under command of Harmar, not remaining long anywhere, protecting settlers, guarding surveyors, and government agents or army officers who were endeavoring to make treaties with the Indians. In addition to the fatigue and dangers of these summer marches through the wilderness, they often, in the winter dur- ing the first years, suffered from the lack of sufficient food. The Journal of one Joseph Buel records that one Christmas was very melancholy, as they had little to eat …

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