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Albert Dozier Smith 2

8 Sep 1832 Thomas County, Georgia, USA 3
14 Jul 1900

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Albert Dozier Smith's Family Relations

Orpha Lee Edmondson
1842 – 8 Oct 1899
March 10, 1861

Willie Smith
1863 –
John Edmondson Smith
17 May 1866 – 8 Aug 1936
Sally S. Smith
1877 –
George O. Smith
1878 –
Lucy Smith
1880 –

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Life, Army Record, and Public Services of D. Howard Smith [electronic Resource] - Page 93


84 D. HOWARD SMITH. were taken to Columbus, Ohio, and much to their surprise and indignation, placed in the Ohio State Prison, with these instructions to the Warden, that these men should be sub- jected to the usual prison discipline. As they entered the prison to be assigned to their respective cells, they were also informed that they were there to stay General Duke thus describes their feelings at the time: When we entered this gloomy, mansion of crime and woe, it was with misery in our hearts, although an affected gayety of manner. We could not escape the conviction, struggle against it as we would, that we were placed there to remain while the war lasted, and most of us believed that the war would outlast the generation. We were told when we went in, that we were there to stay, and there was some- thing in the infernal gloom and the massive strength of the place, which seemed to bid us leave all hope behind/ * At Columbus the prisoners met General Morgan, who, *\vith most of his officers who had surrendered with him, had been sent directly from Cincinnati several days before. The instructions given to the Warden were literally carried out. The next day after their arrival, the prisoners were taken out of their cells, stripped of their clothing, placed in hogsheads of water, and scrubbed by convicts. Then they were placed in …

Annual Register of the Alumnae Association of Smith College, 1908-1909 - Page 126


118 Sterne Alice Louie b.a. 91 M. A. 96 Co- lumbia (Mrs J. M. Gitterman) 116 C st. N. E. Washington D. C. Stetson Clara b.a. 85 (Mrs A. G. Clark) North Amherst Mass. Stetson Ethel Prescott b.l. 01 (Mrs N. W. Bingham jr.) 235 School st. Somerville Mass. Stetson Jane b.a. 91 (Mrs E. A. Bowen) Lakeville Mass. Stetson Jane Witter b.l. 99 (Mrs D. W. Bea- man) 67 S. 6th st. New Bedford Mass. Stettauer Frances b.l. 01 (Mrs R. C. Schaff- ner) 2026 Prairie ay. Chicago 111. Stevens Ernesta Marion b.a. 03 (Mrs Spencer Carleton) 410 W. 115th st. New York Stevens Mrs Frederick William (Edith de Gueldry Twining 93) 45 Madison av. Morristown N. J. Stevens Grace Mildred b.a. …

A Famous Fox-hunter: Reminiscences of the Late Thomas Assheton Smith, Esq. - Page 91


SLATE QUARRIES OF DINORWIC. 71 as the traveller gazes up the straits in the direction of Ormes Head, is the pretty town of Beaumaris, and imme- diately above it the extensive woods encircling the noble mansion of Baron Hill. Nature has indeed been bountiful to the inhabitants of this picturesque locality. Here at every turn is abundant scope for the imagination of the painter and the poet in the dark overhanging masses of every shade and colour; whiV the man of business and commerce, as he stands at the door of the Victoria Hotel at Llanberris, hears with interest and admiration the incessant echo of the hammers, and watches the busy movements of the workmen, clinging apparently to the almost perpen- dicular sides of the cliffs. At the port, the excellent arrangements for transporting and shipping the slates do not escape his notice; although he must be rather surprised to see Duchesses and Countesses * so. roughly handled. The following accurate and graphic description of Mr. Smiths quarries has been furnished for this memoir by Mr. Millington, son of the gentleman who has for many years most ably and zealously superintended the works. The Dinorwic slate quarries are situated on a mountain called the * Elidir (one of the Snowdonian range, and con- tiguous to Snowdon), which rises about 2, 000 feet above the level of the sea: they derive their name of Dinorwic, or Dinorwig, from an ancient manor in which they are situated, and lie partly in the parish of Llanberris, and partly in that of Llandemilen, in the …

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About Albert Dozier Smith

Albert Dozier Smith is a member of the Smith Family.

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