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Daniel Perry 1

16 May 1780 Massachusetts 2
21 Mar 1858 Concord Township, Jackson Co., Michigan 3
Mar 1858 Spring Arbor Cemetery, Spring Arbor Twp., Jackson Co., Michigan

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Daniel Perry's Family Relations

Mamre Hitchcock
Apr 1784 – 11 Jan 1845
Big Hollow, Greene Co., New York

Mary Perry
22 Feb 1807 – 17 Oct 1885
Lydia Perry
16 Jan 1809 – 19 Mar 1892
Nancy Perry
27 Mar 1811 – 27 Sep 1874
Joseph Perry
2 Nov 1813 – 12 Feb 1900
Ann Perry
1816 – 1 Sep 1896
Horace Perry
7 Aug 1818 – 1900
Clarissa Perry
1820 –
Daniel Perry
3 Dec 1823 – 2 Apr 1871

Clarissa Bean
1780 – 1852

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Letters of My Father to My Mother, Beginning With Those Written During Their Engagement, With Extracts From His Journal, Giving Description of His Wife and of Himself; Also a Phrenological Examination of Himself Made by Prof. Crane by Hext McCall Perry - Page 169


To His Wife. 139 Charleston, and sent $3.00. She supposed from what we said that there was no doubt of your going to town. I will attend to the request. She wrote pressing us to call on our return ; said her company left on Thurs- day, the week after we left, and that she had been unwell ever since. I was happy to find that no damage had been done by Yancey and Clingman. The papers speak in the highest terms of Yanceys conduct and deportment on the occasion. You will see what the Courier says. The Mercury praises highly his noble bearing and talents. I am afraid we shall have a bad day to-morrow. Will has just been inquiring about the steam horse and railroad and has fallen to sleep. Colonel Summer says this trip will be worth six months schooling to Will. His observation and memory have astounded me. You remember I once told you about two white servant girls in this hotel. I did not know Will was present. This evening one of those girls was making up the beds and arranging the room when we came up. Will remembered every word I had told you, asked if this was the girl who cursed some gentle- man, and where the other was ; said he never had seen white servants before ; wanted to know if they slept in the kitchen. At the supper table …

Tribute to Benjamin Franklin Perry Ex-Governor of South Carolina - Page 65


Benjamin Franklin Perry. 53 any and all circumstances, he has set us an example which can but be admired by all those who love truth, bravery and honor. With great respect I am, Yours very truly, Eugene B. Gary. Orangeburg, S. C., Nov. 10, 1887 . Mrs. B. F. Perry, Sans Souci, Greenville, S. C., Dear Madam: Permit me to thank you, and express my high appreciation of your kindness in sending me the In Memoriam volume of your husband, the late Governor B. F. Perry, and especially for his very able and instructive Erskine College Address, both of which have been read with no ordinary interest and pleasure. Governor Perry was a grand man, and you have made this generation your debtor by preserving to them the sketch of a life that was the embodiment of lofty patriotism, high principle and superb courage. His name and fame are se- curely fixed in the hearts of his State, as well as in the his- tory of her great men and achievements. With highest es- teem and sincere thanks, Yours very respectfully, T. M. Raysor. Compton, S. C., Nov. 10, 1887 . Mrs. B. F. Perry, My Dear Madam : Accept my thanks for the kind …

Inauguration of the Perry Statue, At Cleveland, on the Ten th of September, 1860 - Page 111


103 Resolved, T hat the sum of Three Thousand and Eight dollars be appropriated from the City Treasury to T. J o n e s & S o n s , in full of the balance due them on their contract for the erection of the Perry Monu ment. The same to be paid one-third in six months, one-third in nine months, and one third in twelve months. Adopted AyesB a l l a r d , C h r is t ia n , C l a r k , C o o n r a d , D ix o n , H eckm an, Lew is , M a r sh a ll, M a s t e r s , O v ia t t , P a l m e r , Q u a y l e , R e z n e r , R u s s e l l , S a b in , T h o m a s, W il l a r d , W o r s w ic k 18. NayH o p k i n s o n 1. COM. PER R Y S PORTRAIT PRESENTED TO TH E CITY. Oct. 30, 1860 , the following action was had in the City Council on the receipt of a communication from H a r v e y R i c e , Ghairman of the Perry Monument Committee, stating that he has received from__0. H . P e r r …

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About Daniel Perry

Daniel Perry is a member of the Perry Family.

Author Notes

Title: Portrait and Biographical Album of Jackson County, Michigan. Publication Info: Chicago : Chapman brothers, 1890.
Mary's father, Daniel Perry, came to Michigan in 1832, purchasing one hundred and sixty acres of land now included in the city of Jackson and covered by the fair ground, etc. He resided here a few years, and then selling at quite an advance, bought a large tract of land in Spring Arbor Township, and engaged in farming, remaining upon his farm until his death

From a letter of Margaret Sagendorph's, Date (estimate) 1934 (Doing research on Daniel Perry:
Daniel Perry is in neither of the two Perry genealogies; there does not seem to be any mention of him in the indexed part of the New England Genealogical Register. This history of Greene Co. is much better than most county records and he is not mentioned in it once. There is a census of 1810 for the county with names of heads of families and he is not in that though his children were born there in 1807 and 1809. (According to tradition, I have found nothing in the library to prove this yet.) He hadn't gone to Batavia yet because there were almost no settlers there before 1815, and those that were there were carefully listed. Lemuel Hitchcock came with his family to Greene Co. in 1793. Where did Mamre meet Daniel Perry? It is possible he was from her old home in Cheshire, Conn. She was about 17 (no, more like 10) when she came out to Greene Co. and it could have been possible for him to have been a girlhood beau. But in the census of 1810 I have found three other Perrys. Supposing Daniel was a visiting relative of theirs and met Mamre that way? He certainly is a puzzle.

I think it is possible that any uppity notions Mary Perry had she may have gotten from Mamre. Deacon Lemuel was a leading citizen and Mamre may have thought she was better than Daniel Perry who doesn't seem to have left a ripple behind him, and then Jacob Sagendorph was the last straw.

Greene Co. drew immigration from several sources, but one of the largest groups came from Wallingford, Conn., the old stamping ground of the Munsons, and there were many Munsons and Brocketts in Greene Co. Also it is just across the Hudson River and up a little from Columbia Co. with Claverick. There were many references to Claverick or people who were educated there. Wouldn't it be funny if Mary Perry had really seen something of Jacob Sagendorph before the romantic episode in Batavia?

The writers in the preface of the Hitchcock genealogy said that no attempt had been made to follow descendants of Hitchcock's who had married into other families and the only child listed of Mamre and Daniel Perry is Horace. However they must have kept some track of Mamre for they had her death date correct. They said of Daniel Perry, Mr. Perry owned the land where the city of Lansing, Mich. now stands.

Will of Daniel Perry, obtained by E.H.L. Mason on 3/26/2001:
In the name of God amen: I, Daniel Perry of the township of Concord, in the County of Jackson and State of Michigan, of the age of seventy years, and being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this my last will and testament, in manner following, that is to say:

First, I give and devise to my four daughters, Mary Sagendorph, Lydia Bean, Clarissa Corwin and Catharine Madden (Note: Nancy and Ann are not mentioned), all those certain lots or parcels of land situate lying and being in the said township of Concord, and described as follows, to wit: The south west quarter of south west quarter, and south east quarter of a north west quarter of Section number thirteen (13) in township number three (3) south of range number three west, containing in all eighty acres of land, to be equally divided between my said daughters, share and share alike, with all the heredimentary and appurtenances therein belonging or in any wise appertaining: To have and to hold the premises above described to the said Mary Sagendorph, Lydia Bean, Clarissa Corwin and Catharine Madden, their heirs and assigns forever.

Second, I give and bequeath to my two sons, Horace Perry and Daniel Perry Junior (Joseph is not mentioned), all my clothes or wearing apparel at the time of my decease to be equally divided between them, share and share alike.

And lastly, I give and bequeath to my four daughters, Mary Sagendorph, Lydia Bean, Clarissa Corwin and Catharine Madden, all my personal estate, goods and chattels, notes, money, accounts and everything of personal estate of what kind or nature soever it may be, to be equally divided between them, share and share alike. At my decease, only excepting therefrom, my clothes or wearing apparel as above disposed of. And I do hereby appoint my son Daniel Perry Junior sole executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this twelfth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and fifty one.

Daniel Perry

From History of Jackson, Col 881, about Daniel's son Daniel.
Daniel Perry (deceased) was born in Gennessee County, N.Y.. Dec. 3, 1823, son of Daniel and Mamie (Hitchcock) Perry, natives of Massachusettts, the former of English ancestry. ( The important addition here is the statement that Daniel, Sr. was of English ancestry. That might cause one to assume that his parents were born in England and that is a strong possibilty. Of course, Mamre was from Cheshire, CT, later, Big Hollow, Greene Co., NY,. She was not from Massachusetts.)

A February 3, 1934 letter from Mrs. William K. Sagendorph (Ethel Abbott) to her daughter Margaret Sagendorph Hoffman mentions an Ambrose Bean. He is in the Spring Arbor Cemetery and is the son of Daniel's daughter Lydia and her husband, Moses Bean. Apparently his descendants moved on to St. Clair, Michigan. She also states that Daniel had nine children. Six are mentioned in the will. Joseph makes number seven, Plus Nancy and Ann equals nine.

In sworn statement on May 27, 1934, Ethyl Abbott Sagendorph recorded the inscriptions of family tombstones in the Spring Arbor cemetey. Daniel'ls reads: Daniel Perry, died March 21, 1858, aged 77 year, 10 months, 5 d's. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

Book, John Bean of Exeter, Volume I by Bernie Bean, 4th Edition, published by the Clair MacBean Register, P.O. Box 278 Cut & Shoot, Texas 77301. Pge 422, an account of Moses Bean born in Windham, NY, died in Spring Arbor, MI., married in Elba, New York, Lydia Perry, daughter of Daniel Perry and Mamre Hitchcock. The Perry Family moved west to Jackson County, MI from Massachusetts, two years after Moses. (The statement about them moving from Massachussetts is apparently not accurate)

From "Early They Came" by Lt. Col. Paul R. Peck, 1978, printed by Liberty Town Press:
Perry, Daniel - A man 60 - 70 and a woman 50 - 60; a man 20 - 30; a boy and 2 girls 15 - 20; and a girl 10 - 15. Daniel and Mamie (Hitchcock) Perry brought their family from New York in 1832. Moody Hill near Jacksonburgh was the site of their first home. In 1834 they moved into the area of the present Concord Township. The land patent on the first home site describes the parcel as 74 acres in section 6 of TIS R1W.

1810 Census, Batavia, Genesee Co., New York, Series M252, Roll 27, Part 1, Page 57. for some time we thought this was our Daniel, but it is not. See the next entry.
1 male 26-44,
3 females under 10
1 female 26-44
There was also a Reuben Perry living next door. He and his wife are both age 26-44, with no children.
This Daniel has three daughters less than 10 at home. Ruben has no children at home. The 1790 census has a Ruben Perry in Nantucket, Mass. with 3 sons. Different entries on the LDS site have birth dates of a Ruben Perry of Nantucket as 1728, 1738, and 1754.

1810 Census, Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County, PA (This is also not the right Perry family)
1 male under 10
1 male 26-44 ( Daniel)
3 females under 10 (Mary, Lydia and, perhaps, Nancy, or a deceased child)
1 female 26-44 (Mamre)

1820 Census, Batavia, Genesee Co., New York, Roll 72, Book 1, Page 21
2 males under 10, Joseph, 7; Horace, 1
1 male 26-45 (Daniel)
3 females under 10 (Nancy, 9; Ann, 4; Clarissa, less than 1)
3 females 10-16 (Mary, 13; Lydia, 11; and ?)
1 female 26-44 (Mamre)

1830 Census, Batavia, Genesee Co., New York
1 male 5-10 (Daniel, Jr., 5)
1 male 10-15 (Horace, 11)
1 male 15-20 (Joseph, 17)
1 male 50-60 (Daniel)
1 female under 5 (Catherine, 4)
1 female 5-10 (Clarissa, 10)
1 female 10-15 (Ann, 14)
1 female 15-20 (Nancy, 19) ( Mary is married and living next door. Lydia is married to Moses Bean and they have already become some of the earliest settlers of Spring Arbor in Michigan Territory)
1 female 40-50, Mamre
Jacob & Mary Sagendorph live, next door
1 male 5-10 (Ezra, 2)
1 male 20-30 (Jacob, 29)
1 female 20-30 (Mary Perry Sagendorph, 23)

The 1850 census, taken when Daniel was 70, 8 years before he died, and 5 years after Mamre died, shows a Clarissa Perry, age 70. Clarissa has to be Daniel's second wife and I speculate that she was Clarissa Bean. She is in the tree as such, until proven otherwise. Her cemetery marker, near Daniel's, says Clarissa Bean, so it is possible that they merely co-habitated or that she kept her first married name for the benefit of her children. She is listed as Clarissa Perry in land transactions, see below.

Jackson County Land Records (Abstracted at the Jackson Library by E.H. L. Mason on June 4, 2001)

The sequence is: Date, Seller, Buyer, Section, Township and Amount:
5/24/1833, Jesse & Deborah Beard, Daniel Perry, 34, Blackman, $1,200.00
5/31/1836, Daniel & Mamre Perry, Veeder Green, 34, Blackman, $4,000.00
9/1/1836, James Videto, Daniel Perry, 13 & 14, Concord, $3,600.00
12/12/1836, Jasper S. Wolcott, Daniel Perry, Ingham Co., $50.00
12/12/1836, Joseph & Diadama Perry, Daniel Perry, Ingham Co., $200.00
1/2/1837, Daniel & Mamre Perry, Joseph Perry, 14, Concord, $200.00
4/19/1837, Daniel & Mamre Perry, Nancy Perry of Jackson County, Michigan, 6, Rives, $500.00
1/25/1838, Nancy Perry, Charles Cowden, 6, Rives, $645.30 Witnessed by Horace Perry and Thomas McGee
10/21/1840, Chauncey Hollister, Daniel Perry, 25, Tompkins, $100.00
9/23/1841, Daniel & Mamre Perry, Amos Perry of Elba, Genesee County, New York, 25,Tompkin, $100.00
8/25/1842, Amos Perry of Oakfield, Genesee County, New York, Abraham Bowen of Elba, Genesee County, New York, 25, Tompkins, $100.00
10/7/1847, Daniel & Clarissa Perry (listed as Daniel's wife), Daniel Jr & Joseph Perry, 13, Concord,$500.00
10/7/1847, Daniel & Clarissa Perry (listed as Daniel's wife), Joseph Perry, 13 & 14, Concord, $800.00
10/7/1847, Joseph & Diadama Perry, Daniel Perry, Jr., 14, Concord, $800.00

History of Ingham and Eaton counties, Michigan, with illustrations and biographical sketches of their prominent men and pioneers. Author: Durant, Samuel W., Page 259
LESLIE. - 2659 LAND ENTRIES. The following is a list of those who entered land in what is now Leslie township (town 1 north, range 1 west), showing dates of entry:
Section 31.-Daniel Perry, Jasper S. Wolcott, Joseph Perry, Jan. 21, 1836; Jeduthan Waldo, March 3, 1836; John Eaman, May 6, 1836; Ira Nash, July 13, 1836.

Written by Mrs. William (Ethel Abbott) Sagendorph, Jackson, Michigan. February 6, 1936

The Perry records are a mystery. I have worked Long and fruitlessly. My best clue is to write to authors of Hitchcock genealogy. There is a Daniel Perry, son of Joseph Perry and Deborah Burr of Fairfield, Conn. who removed to Redding about 1770 and married (1) Mary and (2) Sarah by whom he had several children among them a Daniel, who married Elizabeth Gorham, 2/19/1772 and commenced having children every two years or so. He had Timothy, born Jan. 10, 1773 and Isaac b. 8/23/1778. The record says the family must have moved away. Then I find a Daniel Perry, Jr. who got 4 shillings for taking his brother Isaac a lame soldier home. History of Fairfield, Conn. page 286. Also Geneal. Soc. of Penn. Publications, Vol. 8, page 278. Our Daniel was born in 1780 (deduction) and married Mamre Hitchcock in Big Hollow, N.Y. but wasn't in the census of 1810 there. (This is not the right family. Their son, Daniel, was born in 1782 in Reading, CT. The wrong year and wrong state. Ed Mason, Oct. 2006)

From "History of Jackson County Michigan," Chicago Interstate Publishing Co., 1881: (edited from the paragraph about his son Daniel):
Daniel and Mamie (Hitchcock) Perry were natives of Massachusetts, the former of English ancestry. He came to this county in 1832, and settled on what is now known as Moody Hill, near the city of Jackson. In 1834 he moved the family to Concord Township.

I found a note in Margaret S. Hoffman's materials which is attributed to Catherine Perry (Katherine P. Madden) that seems to suggest that Daniel moved west to Windham from Connecticut.

The names of all of the nine children were supplied to Margaret Sagendorph Hoffman or her mother, Ethel, in 1933 by Mrs. W.H. Large, a granddaughter of Mary Perry Sagendorph. At the time Mrs. Lange lived at 2253 Pingrie Avenue, Detroit, MI. Ethyl Culver Perry Large was the daughter of Helen Sagendorph and Barney Culver. They gave her up in adoption to Daniel Perry, Jr., her great uncle, and his wife Theoda Welch. Daniel Jr. died about four years after Ethyl was born. Her list of children includes their spouses. It also includes Nancy, who had been a question mark, and her husband Fenner King

Gazetteer of the State of New York
 By Frank Place, 1860
Discussing Greater Windham, edited for clarity: “Big Hollow, in the southern part of the county, contains 2 churches and 12 houses. East Windham and Union Society are post offices. The first settlement was made in 1790 by Geo. Stimpson, Abijah Stone, and Increase Claflin. Perez Steel ands his son, Perez, from Toland, Conn., settled in town in 1795, and Joshua Jones, Wm. Henderson, and Lemuel Hitchcock (from New Haven, Co., Conn.) in 1796. The first marriage was that of Daniel Perry and Mamre Hitchcock, and the first death was that of Mrs. Lemuel Hitchcock in 1804.”
An index of pioneers from Massachusetts to the West: especially the state of Michigan, the Salem Press, 1915, by Charles Allcott Flagg, Page 40:
Hitchcock, Mamie: m. 1816? Daniel Perry of N.Y. and Mich. Jackson Hist, 835.


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