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Deliverance Taylor

1673 Kittery,York,Maine,USA
1763 Berwick,York,Maine,USA

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Deliverance Taylor's Family Relations

John Taylor
0022 – 1690
Martha Redding
1633 – 0007

William Goodwin
1658 – 0026

Elizabeth Goodwin
0017 – 1752

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Frederick Winslow Taylor : a Memorial Volume, Being Addresses Delivered at the Funeral of Frederick Winslow Taylor, Cedron, Indian Queen Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., March 24, 1915 ; at a Memorial Meeting Held Under the Auspices of the Society to Promote the Science of Management (now Taylor Society) University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa., October 22, 1915 ; and at Mr. TaylorS Home - Page 68


54 FREDERICK WINSLOW TAYLOR little Taylor-Philadelphia, an American colony, founded by the followers of Mr. Taylor. There we will learn how to work with American quickness and efficiency. But, as is well known, the Taylor System is not at all a method of speed- ing up. It is a system of working intelligently, with spared effort, and it offers to everybody taking part in the work advantages unheard of before. Therefore, every Philadelphia in Europe may also, in accordance with the literal meaning of the name of the Quaker City, be called a fraternity, a brother loving community. Every workshop where the Taylor System is used is a place where men work in harmony, in conjoint effort, to mutual benefit, and more intelligently than ever before. This we regard to be the great discovery of Mr. Taylor, that he has found the necessity of using much more brains than before in managing industries and, in general, all human work. His scheme seems to be as simple and obvious as the famous egg of Columbus, but it is, however, in most fields an innovation. Last winter when I was alternately lecturing on the Taylor System and the Evolution of the Animal World, I was struck by a curious analogy. In the history of the earth, it was only at a late date that nature discovered the usefulness of large brains. The monster reptiles of the Mesozoic era had only minute brains in their gigantic bodies. Still at the eve of the Tertiary era mammals with the size of our cattle had brains as small as a walnut, and it was not until the end of that era that the brains attained their present size. This development reached

A New Tribute to the Memory of James Brainerd Taylor - Page 254


248 TRIBUTE TO THE MEMORY OF was evidently an injudicious one, and can hardly ever be again recommended to one in similar circumstances of feeble health. T he driving of a horse, and the care attendant on travelling with one, is always too much for a debilitated invalid, with symptoms of a pulmonary disease already upon him. The excitement of new scenes, and the very exertion he is putting forth in directing his own course, may conceal from himself the true state of his strength for the time being, 7 but the o o result will be a prostration, from which nothing will re vive him. Such is believed to have been the result of the tour which Mr. Taylor made through the Southern States, northward; although the truth of the fact had not yet flashed upon the minds of his friends, as they since behold it. His life, probably, could not have been saved by a different course. That it might have been prolonged some months, had his physical exertion been less, his friends now have reason to believe. And yet, they know not, in the wisdom of an all-wise Providence, but that his course was precisely such as shall result in his greater and eternal enjoyment in heaven, and to the greater promotion of the glory of God, in the salvation of others on earth. His acquaintance was extended. His character yet more thoroughly developed to him self and friends; and since to the world, than it other wise would have been. And it is to be hoped that the exhibition of Christian principle, as …

Lynn Dixon Taylor : "And He Encompassed All" - Page 133


about mother, I had a wonderful time, as I loved all my Taylor uncles and aunts. Dad must have lived at home, but he kept very close to his children, and he was responsible for giving me a very happy Christmas. I had long wanted a new bicycle and on Christmas morning there was a very large oblong cardboard box waiting for me at Grandma's home. I opened it with great excitement and found a gorgeous Schwinn bicycle, with balloon tires and the cross bars filled with a metal tank containing a battery-operated horn. Unlike the usual red or blue bikes, this one was black and cream which startled me because I'd never seen anything like it, but I soon loved it and have ever since favored that color combination. I was so pleased and grateful to dad ("Santa"). Even though it was a cold day, with snow on the ground I toured the entire neighborhood in high glee! I should mention that on other occasions when mother was ill, or "delivering, " and dad was responsible for feeding us it was apparent that his skills as a cook were very limited. Campbell's alphabet soup and burned toast were high on his list of culinary accomplishments. He loved burned toast and so do I to this very day. Dad was afflicted with what was called in those days, "hay fever, " and which was of course an allergic reaction to pollen or other air-borne allergens. This was seasonal and he really suffered during these bouts that turned into asthmatic attacks. We children all …

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