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Lillian Neita Moore


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Lillian Neita Moore's Family Relations

James Leslie Colquhoun
23 May 1913 – 25 Dec 1983
Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia

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Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence of Thomas Moore (Volume 2) - Page 150


654 DIARY OF THOMAS MOORE. his Majesty might instantly recall him, the King changed his tone, and said he could not possibly have a better Lord-lieutenant. Talked of the Dissenters; their great objection to the Catholics is the surrender which the latter make of their right of private opinion into the hands of their priests. Lord H.s argument in answer is, that the acknowledgment of the right of private opinion, which the Dissenters so properly hold, ought to be extended even to the right of surrendering that private opinion, if people are so inclined, into the hands of others; for though in consistency with religious liberty we cannot compel people to give up their right of private judgment, it is equally incon- sistent with religious liberty to prevent them from giving it up if they were so disposed. As to the difference of opinion between Pro- testants and Catholics on the subject of tradi- tion. the latter (I remarked) in maintaining that the Word of God existed before the Scrip- tures were written, are, according to the Ger- man notion of the gradual compilation of the Gospels, right. * * * Company at dinner. Lord and Lady Cowper, "William Lamb, and Sir J. Mackintosh. Talked of the ignorance in the article on Ilallam in the Quarterly, about the affair of Glencoe; this 'part of the article is, it seems, not Southeys. Received this morning the draft of the agreement be- tween me and Murray, and …

Rev. John Moore of Newtown, Long Island, and Some of His Descendants - Page 347


GENEALOGY 289 Pleas at Quarter Sessions at Burlington. In 1721, he presented a certificate to Burlington Monthly Meeting. In 1724, he was Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.* February 13, 1724 , Edward Fisher and John Hancock and wife sold to Jacob Doughty 422 acres at Bermuda in Burlington County. September 24, 1725 , he was Assistant Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Hunterdon County. An indenture made 29 day of September, 1729 , shows that Jacob Doughty sold 2512 acres to Edward Burling, of N. Y.f In 1730, he was a Justice of Hunterdon County. In 1733, his certificate was returned to Chesterfield Monthly Meeting. He was a Minister among Friends. March 30, 1733 , he deeded to Trustees Samuel Large, Samuel …

Memoir of Rev. John Moore; - Page 368


POETICAL TRIBUTE. f POETICAL TRIBUTE. REV. JOHN MOORE. BT MBS. M. A* LIVERMORE. And he was not, for God took him. Not slowly down the steep of life, With weary, halting, faltering tread, Not slowly, numbed by torpid age, Made he the journey to the dead. Eor him no nights of pain were stored, That eat the life, like rust, away ; No restless couch, no darkened room, . Turning the night-time into day. For him pale sickness waited not, ' His feet through deaths dark vale to lead, Cleaving each day its deeper shade, Seeing each day lifes shores recede. But in his manhood's vigorous prime, While men laid honors at his feet, While wrestling with the toils of life, And strong with love his great heart beat; While warm his lips with holy fire, While thrilled his accents on the air, His last words uttered for the truth, And hushed his pleading voice of prayer; Een as he hasted to his home, An angel met him on the way ; The Lord hath need of thee, he said, And oped the gate of heaven straightway.

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