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Reynold de Burghersh

1230 Burghersh, Sussex

Reynold de Burghersh's Family Relations


Robert de Burghersh
1256 – 7 Oct 1306

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Blechingley: a Parish History; Together With Some Account of the Family of De Clare, Chiefly in the South of England; (volume 1) - Page 84


lettgm of tje jfamtlp of 30e Clare. ^RICHARD I. the Fearless, Duke of Normandy (died 996)=r=Guuuora icni Richard II. the Good, died 1026. Count Godfrey d'Eu et de Briouue. Osborne de Bolebec-pAveline, sister of Gunnora, : duchess of Normaudy. Walter Giffnrd=i= Agnes, dau. of Gerald Flaitel. Harlotta=pRobert the Devil, died 1035. Gilbert Crispin, Count de Brionne, Benefactor of Bee, murdered 1040.= Walter Giffard, Earl of Buckingham 1068 ;=rErmengarde, dau. of Gerard Flaitel, 10 . .108*1 I and sister of Bp. of Evreux. De CiiABE.Or, three chevrons gules. WILLIAM the Conqueror, =j=Matilda, of mar. 1053 . I Flanders. /K I. RICHARD ik TONBRIDGE, ROHAISE. or de Bienfaite or FitzGilbert, 10. .1090. I I Walter Giffard, E. of William Giffard, Chancellor to Buckingham, 10.. William Rufus; Bp. of Win- 1102. ehester 1107 ; 10 . .1128. BALDWIN, of Exeter, Sheriff=pl. Albreda, a cousin or=2. Emtna. (of Devon), lord of Le Sap aud niece of William the Meulles ; Benefactor …

Calendar of Documents Relating to Scotland (1108-1516) (Volume 5) - Page 524


496 P A R T II: P R O T E C T I O N S 1334 1334 3381 November 10 Contd. 3391 December 8 Edward, king of Scotland; Nicholas du Mur in John son of Alan de Popelton; Easter. [C 71/14, company of Thomas de B ello Campo, earl of m. 5]. Warwick. [Both E aster.1 [ibid], 3392 December 10 3382 November 11 Thomas de Rothery, Robert de Okoure. [Both Easter.] Robert de Mortey in company of Gilbert de [ibid]. Umframvyll, earl of Anegos; Easter. I ibid]. 3393 December 12 3383 November 12 Thomas de Kyngeston [no. 1857]; Nicholas le Hugh Haukyn of Newcastle upon Tyne; Edward de Gaunt of York, merchant. [Both Easter.] [ibid]. Chaundos and Henry de Clyveton with him. [All 3394 December 15 Easter.1 [C 71/14, m. 9], William …

Calendar of Documents Relating to Scotland (1307-1357) (Volume 3) - Page 543


INDEX. 465 Burgcher, Sir Robert, chancellor, Edward Barton, Richard de, K.s victualler, Carlisle, Balliol writes to him ( June 1341 ), 1362. 1266. Burgh (Burgo), Elizabeth de ( 14 Oct. 1356 ), ----- Richard de, late rector of Hoton, dio. 1621. St Andrews, 1301. ----- William de, purveys for Edw. II. at ------Richard de, buys a forfeited work horse Berwick (1310-11), 209. and 10 sheep for 11s., p. 371; and 2 oxen ----- Rogier de, vallet of Robert de Clifford, aud 2 cows for 30s., p. 372. 278. ------Robert de, clerk, presented to Edenham ----- Sir Thomas de, chancellor of K.s lands juxta Berwick ( July 1338 ), 1278. in Scotland (1335), 1194; Sir John de ----- constable, Thomas de Richmonds house, Strivelyn complains to the K. of his de &c., at, plundered ( Dec. 1310 ), 178. frauding him of pay, &c. &c., ib. ; has ----- upon-Trent, abbot of, ordered to pay Sir extents of the K.s lands in Scotland, 1196; Thomas Ught'red 200Z. by the K.s gift (6th chamberlain of Berwick-on-T. (1337), 1250; Aug. 1338 …

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Reynold de Burghersh is a member of the de Burghersh Family.

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