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Elizabeth C. Morrison


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Growth of Morrison & Foerster From 1940s to 1980s : a Perspective : Oral History Transcript / 1993 - Page 46


18 Hicke: Austin: Hicke: Austin: Hicke: Austin: Hicke: Austin: Hicke: Austin: reorganization of Foster & Kleiser but I didn't have anything to do with its regular business. Foster & Kleiser, like the other major clients in 1946, was ultimately sold off. Do you know how long it had been a client of the firm? I was always under the impression that that was one Roland Foerster brought in, but I don't have the detail on that. Again, I have it listed back in the '20s. The chances are maybe somebody else did and he just took it over, because certainly by the time I came here the five basic clients of the firm were the bank--Mr. Shuman took care of the bank; Spreckels--Roland Foerster and Herbert Clark were the senior people on the Spreckels account--for Foster & Kleiser Roland Foerster was the lead lawyer--Food Machinery was Roland Foerster's and Honolulu Oil was Herbert Clark's and Judge Holloway's. Those were the major clients of the firm and later Morrison ceased to represent them. We later got the bank back. Did we ask you about Herbert Hoover? We understand that he was a client of Clark's in the …

History of Morrison and Todd Counties, Minnesota, Their People, Industries and Institutions (Volume 2) - Page 421


MORRISON AND TODD COUNTIES, MINNESOTA. 707 township, Morrison county, to engage in the same business. The land pur- chased by him at the time of his arrival consisted of two hundred and twelve acres in section 9. The land was sold, however, in 1883, when Mr. Bates went to Darling township, to farm 011 a tract of land he bought in section 10, extending over one hundred and sixty acres. For twelve years he was engaged in building up the farm he had bought, and added many improve- ments to it, including the building of a new house and barn. The land in this section is especially rich and adaptable to the needs of the agriculturist, the accumulation of decayed vegetation having left a top covering on the rich soil. Mr. Bates was not long in discovering the farming possibilities in the locality where he was engaged and made a third purchase of land, this tract being located in section 9, Darling township. The farm covered eighty acres and on this land Mr. Bates farmed until his death, which occurred in 1910. Lucetta (Roberts) Bates, his wife, was born in 1845, in New York and died on the 17th of September, 1914 . She became the mother of ten children, all of whom are living. Both parents are buried in Randall, Minnesota. Benjamin …

Robert Morrison, the Pioneer of Chinese Missions [microform] - Page 50


1NIIIAL LIFE AND WOKK IN CHINA. 43 But as this house was thronged with visitors, he soon removed to another, occupied by Mr. Milnor, where he was more retired and able also to live at less expense. This house was part of the old French factory at Canton, then in charge of Mr. Milnor and his partner Mr. Bull, as super-cargoes. He received great kindness from these gentlemen, and as an but American citizen he remained under their protection. As an Englishman he dared not be known. From Canton he wrote to Sir George Staunton, as follows Sir George is most respectfully informed by R. Morrison, that he has at present an apartment in the old French Factory at Canton. If Sir George l r ln vr any l)articular line of conduct necessary for Mr Morrison to pursue, in order to his being per mitted quietly to reside in Canton, to communicate it will be rendering Mr. Morrison an essential service. Mr. Morrison will wait the arrival of Sir George at Canton, before any attempt be made to procure assistance in learning the language / * When Sir George …

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