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William Shed

16 Jun 1748 Groton, Middlesex, MA
18 Jul 1815

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William Shed's Family Relations

Daniel Shed
13 Jun 1716 –
Mary Tarbell
14 Sep 1721 –

Mary Shed
12 Aug 1743 –
Daniel Shed
25 Apr 1746 – 10 Apr 1820
Jonas Shed
24 Aug 1750 –
Rebecca Shed
26 Aug 1753 –
Amos Shed
29 Jun 1758 – 17 Mar 1822
Samuel Shed
21 Oct 1760 – 28 Apr 1796
Sarah Shed
13 Oct 1762 – 18 Sep 1849

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Daniel Shed Genealogy : Ancestry and Descendants of Daniel Shed of Braintree, Massachusetts, 1327-1920 - Page 120


78 DANIEL SHED GENEALOGY 550, some 11 acres of upland near Mill Swamp worth 44; also 65 acres lying in Dunstable, apprised at 550, besides 197 acres situated in Hollis, N. H., making a total of upwards of 4000 valuation on real estate. (Middlesex County Probate Records, File 20211.) These valuations were of course in the depreciated old tenor currency of the Province, and worth in hard money only about }/% of the amounts stated. He married at Billerica, 6 Sept. 1724 , his second cousin, Eliza- beth Farley, born there 28 Mar. 1704 , daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Shed) Farley; she survived him and married secondly at Stow, Mass., 16 July 1767 , as his second wife, Abraham Whit- ney, born in Stow 29 May 1692 , son of Moses and Sarah (Knight) Whitney; he died in Stow 15 Sept. 1778 . Children born in Billerica: i. John4, b. 3 May 1725 ; d. in Billerica 7 Dec. 1725 . ii. Elizabeth, …

Daniel Shed genealogy : ancestry and descendants of Daniel Shed of Braintree, Massachusetts, 1327-1920 (Part 1) - Page 115


DANIEL SHED GENEALOGY 1639/40, and on account of Daniel1 Shed being the first resident on the tract it came to be generally known as Sheds Neck. Here he evidently continued about twelve years until 1658, when perhaps the expiration of his lease or the destruction of his house by fire together with the opening up of cheap lands in the new town of Billerica on the then frontiers induced a removal to the latter place. The later history of Sheds Neck is readily traced by recorded deeds. On 18 June 1661 , Samuel Tompson of Braintree, with power and order from his honored father Mr. William Tompson, for 8 conveyed to Edmund Quincy, John Hull and William Penn, the 120-acre tract given by the Town of Boston to his father, as shown on a plot surveyed in November 1658 , with all the timber, wood, appurtenances and privileges belonging thereunto. (Suffolk County Deeds, vol. 13, p. 49.) The small amount of the considera- tion and the fact that no buildings are mentioned, suggest that there were none then on the property; so perhaps the log cabin occupied by Shed may have been destroyed by fire shortly before the survey was made. Mr. Quincy …

Daniel Shed Genealogy : Ancestry and Descendants of Daniel Shed of Braintree, Massachusetts, 1327-1920 - Page 206


158 DANIEL SHED GENEALOGY 2. Laura Grace, b. 22 Dec. 1844 ; m. 6 Mar. 1873 , Rod- ney H. Wilder, b. in Peterboro, N. H., 30 Jan. 1842 , sod of Caleb F. and Catherine (Templeton) Wilder; bis mother was a niece of Gen. James Miller, the famous hero of the battle of Lundys Lane in the War of 1812. They settled in Francestown, N. H. Children born there (Wilder): 1. David F., b. 4 June 1874 . 2. James Miller, b. 7 Sept. 1877 . 3. Kate Evangeline, b. 9 Apr. 1880 . 4. Arthur D., b. 5 Jan. 1889 . 3. Eliza, b. 17 Oct. 1846 ; d. 18 May 1862 , unmarried. 4. Dalton David, b. 16 Jan. 1848 ; resided in New Boston, N. H., where he d. ? Nov. 1878 …

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