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Conrad I di Ventimiglia


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Conrad I di Ventimiglia's Family Relations

Berenger II of Ivrea
0919 – 6 Aug 0966
Willa Tuscany
0924 – 0975

Rosale of Italy
0952 – 26 Jan 1003
Wido of Ivrea
0946 –

0970 –


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A New and General Biographical Dictionary : Containing an Historical and Critical Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in Every Nation : Particularly the British and Irish : From the Earliest Accounts of Time to the Present Period (Volume 5) - Page 172


B It U. B R U served in MS. in the Kings Library at Paris. BRUSONI, (Girolamo, ) son of the preceding, born at Legnago, in 1610. He received his education at Ferrara, where he studied likewise philosophy and law, and afterwards, at Padua, he read divi- nity, the fathers, and ecclesiastical history. Having entered the order of the Carthu- sian monks, he ran away from the con- vent not less than three times. Being forgiven for the first evasion, he was arrested after the second, and whilst a prisoner at Venice, having received from a friend a MS. copy of a satire, entitled, La Maschera Scoperta, written by the father Aprosio di Ventimiglia against Arcangela Tarabotti, whom he loved, Brusoni, who was in great distress, copied the work and sold it to her. This in- famous act turned the friendship of father Aprosio for Brusoni into an enmity and contempt so much the more deadly, as he had protected and praised, and even forgiven Brusoni for having, in his Sogni di Parnaso, abused a work of Aprosio, then his friend, entitled, Lo Scudo di Rinaldo. The vindication which then Aprosio wrote of his work, contained the most bitter charges against Brusoni; and it seems that others, too, published still more violent satires against him, amongst which we must mention a 4to volume, of about 200 pages, entitled, II Rovescio di Girolamo Brusoni. After recovering his liberty, he lived …


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Almanach de Gotha - Page 986


948 Annuaire diplomatique. Italie. Acqui, Alba, Alexandrie, Aoste, Asti, Biella, Casale, Cuneo, Fossano, Ivrea, Mondovi, Novare, Pinerolo, Saluzzo, Suse, Tortona, Vigevano. Prov. de Ligurie. Gnes : E. Pulcio.no. Albenga, Bobbio , Chiavari, Sarzana et Brugnato, Savona et Noli, Ventimiglia. Prov. de Surdaigne. Cagliari: P. Balestra. Oristano: S. Tolu. Sas- sari: D. Marongiu. Ales et Terralbo, Alghero, Ampurias et Tempio, Biaarchio, Bosa, Galtelli-Nuoro, Iglesias, Ogliastra. Prov. de Lombardie. Milan: A. Ferrari, card. Bergamo, Brescia, Cme, Crema, Crmone, Lodi, Mantoue, Pavie. Prov. de Yenise. Patriarchat de Venise: A. Cavallari. Udine: P. Zam- burlini. Adria, Bellune et Feltre, Ceneda, Chioggia, Concordia, Pa- doue (G. Callegari, card.), Trvise, Vrone (card. Bacilieri), Vicence. Prov. Centrale. Borgo S. Donnino, Parme, Plaisance, Pontremoli. Modne: N. Bruni. Carpi, Guastalla, Massa-Carrara, Reggio dEmilie. Prov. de Toscane. Florence: A. Mistrangelo. Lucques : Lorenzelli. Pise : P. Muffi. Sienne: B. Tovnmasi. Arezzo, Chiusi et Pienza, Colle di Val dElsa, Cortone, Fiesole, Grosseto, Livourne, Massa Marittima, Modigliano, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Pescia, Pistoie et Prato, S. Miniato, Borgo S. Sepolcro, Sovana et Pitigliano, Volterra. Prov. de Romagne. Bologne: D. Svampa, card. Ferrare: J. Boschi, …

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About Conrad I di Ventimiglia

Conrad I di Ventimiglia is a member of the di Ventimiglia Family.

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