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1690 Nansemond County, VA
22 May 1737 Nansemond County, VA

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Barnaby (Captain) Kearney's Family Relations

Elizabeth Godwin
1693 – 13 Feb 1761
Surry County, Virginia

Elizabeth Kearney
17 Jun 1724 – 1800

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My Army Life and the Fort Phil. Kearney Massacre, With an Account of the Celebration of "wyoming Opened, " - Page 322


MY ARMY LIFE SERGEANT GIBSONs ADDRESS. I came out with the regiment from Fort Kearney, Nebraska, in May, 1866 , the youngest boy in the company, ardent to follow the destinies of the company at whatever cost. I accompanied General Carrington in the rescue of Fettermans heroes from the field of battle, little dreaming in the anguish of that fateful hour, that it would be my fate, while guarding a similar wood- train some months later, to aid in avenging that massacre, by retribution so signal, just and complete. General Carrington himself, my dear old commander, sufficiently detailed that cam- paign in his address this morning, as we gathered about the monument itself. It was supported by infallible official docu- ments, and though it had some phases that were saddening to myself, all of us survivors, five in number with u Big Bill Daley, of Rawlins, Wyoming, realized that it perfected history never before explanatory of the twenty years of delay, until the official report of the massacre of December 21, 1866 , itself was made public. On the 31st of July, following, after the Second Battalion had become the Twenty-seventh Infantry under Colonel John E. Smith, and the usual inspection had taken place, …

My Army Life and the Fort Phil. Kearney Massacre, With an Account of the Celebration of "wyoming Opened, " - Page 91


OUTWARD BOUND markings made by Indians on buffalo skulls that a battle was to be fought at Crazy Woman to-day, and advising all Indians who saw the sign to be on hand. Burroughs rather derided the story, and expressed his serious doubts about there being any party at Crazy Woman to-day at all. Bridger was insistent, however, and so the Burroughs command decided to make the Crazy Woman camp by a forced march. u So our little command was saved from annihilation. The body of Lieutenant Daniels was found the next morn- ing over near the road across Crazy Woman. The entire scalp had been cut from his head and his body was frightfully muti- lated. His fingers had been cut off to get a couple of rings from them, and he was subjected to other nameless indignities. One of the Indians killed in the ravine was found to have Daniels shirt on, as well as a large portion of his bleeding scalp. The body of Sergeant Terrel was buried on the knoll where we fought, and the body of Lieutenant Daniels was taken to Fort Reno, where it was buried with suitable military honors. 11 The wounded were carefully looked after, and on our road back to Fort Reno we met a detachment of the Second United States Cavalry, under Lieutenant H. F. Bingham, coming to our rescue. …

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About Barnaby (Captain) Kearney

Barnaby (Captain) Kearney is a member of the Kearney Family.

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