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27 May 1949
1705 Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA

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Thomas Makepeace's Family Relations

William Makepeace
27 Feb 1624 – 19 Aug 1681
Ann Johnson
1642 – 19 Aug 1681

William Makepeace
1662 – 1712
Mary Makepeace
1670 – 6 Aug 1732
Anne Makepeace
1668 – 1723
Sarah Makepeace
22 Sep 1670 – 1715
Gershom Makepeace
1675 – 1690

Mary Burt
1655 – 1703
January 10, 1698
Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA

William Makepeace
1699 – 1699

Mary Simmons
1653 – 1698

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The Genealogy of the Makepeace Families in the United States : From 1637 to 1857 - Page 28


22 THE MAKEPEACE FAMILY. Dorchester, Mass., now being published in num- bers by Ebenezer Clapp, Jr., Boston, from which the following extract is made at page 67: Mr. Thomas Makepeace came, in all proba- bility, in 1635; had a wife Elizabeth. He was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artil- lery in 1638, had the title of Mr., and appears to have been a man of some importance. He removed to Boston. He was one of the Paten- tees of Dover, N. H. Had two sons, Thomas and ^^^illiam. His daughter Waitawhile* married Jo- siah Cooper, of Boston, 13th September, 1661 . Hannah married Stephen Hoppin; Joseph, bap- tized September 20, 1646 . He died in Boston in 1666. Another extract, in regard to a u second emi- gration from England in 1635, is given from pages 101 and 102: u In 1635, there arrived in Massachusetts many ships with passengers from England, and the Dorchester Plantation attracted its full share of them. Besides those who came with Mr. (Richard) …

The Genealogy of the Makepeace Families in the United States : From 1637 to 1857 - Page 21


THE MAKEPEACE FAMILY. 15 William* (2) married Ann Johnson, May 23, 1661 , Hannah married Stephen Hoppin, and Mary married Lawrence Willis. The following is copied from the early records of Boston : Jno. Browne was marryed to Ester Make- peace, the daughter of Thomas Makepeace, of Boston, 24: 2: 55. By Capt. Hum: Atharton. The following is also copied from the same volume: 11 Lawrence Willis, of Bridgwater, was mar- ried to Mary Makepeace, the daughter of Tho- mas Makepeace, of Boston^ 5:7: 56. By Major Humphrey Atherton, Waitawhile married Josiah Cooper, of Bos- ton, Sept. IS, lS61.f Thomas Makepeace died 111 Boston, in Janua- ry or February, 1667 . His Will is dated Boston, June 30, 1666 , J and Is on record in the Probate Office, in Boston. …

William Makepeace Thackeray; A Biography Including Hitherto Uncollected Letters & Speeches & a Bibliography of 1300 Items (Volume 2) - Page 282


242 WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY 735 1848 Authors Miseries (.i.e.). [A Drawing, with Letterpress.] Punch, September 23 ; vol. xv, p. 127. 736 Sanitarianism and Insanitarianism. Punch, September 23 ; vol. xv, p. 127. 737 Hemigration made Heasy. Signed Ninethousandnd- ninundredanninetynine. Punch, September 30 ; vol. xv, p. 143. 738 Authors Miseries (t.b.c.). [A Drawing, with Letterpress.] Punch, September 30; vol. xv, p. 144. 739 Is there Anything in the Paper? With an Illustration. Punchy September 30; vol. xv, p. 144. 740 Emigration to America. Punchy September 30; vol. xv, p. 145. 741 Authors Miseries {t.b.c.). [A Drawing, with Letterpress.] Punchy October 7; vol. xv, p. 154. 742 Advertisement: To the Bitten Gentleman. With an Illus- tration. Punch, October 28; vol. xv, p. 191. 743 The History of Pendennis. His Fortunes and Misfortunes, His Friends and His Greatest Enemy. By W. M. Thackeray. Author of Vanity Fair, the Snob Papers in Punchy See., &c, London: Bradbury and Evans, 11 Bouverie Street,

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About Thomas Makepeace

Thomas Makepeace Jr is a member of the Makepeace Family.

Author Notes

(Research):!'Descendants of William Chase' gives no data for him. The 1998 Ancestral File shows one born 1666, Freetown, son of William Makepeace and Ann Johnson married Mary Chase, Mary Simmons, Sarah Chase and Mary Burt, died 1705/6 Taunton. Marriage dates are 'bef 1695, 1695, Freetown, and 10 Jan 1697/8, Taunton (to Mary Burt). The latter is in Taunton records. y 1949, 10 Apr 1951, no temple for either, sealing to parents 12 Jan 1952 IFALL. The IGI shows same baptism, endowment 30 Apr 1951 MANTI and same sealing to parents, all from temple films except no temple given for baptism. There are several with later ordinances. MARRIAGE: Wife's name also appears as Mary Burt


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