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Mary Louise Kittredge 1

11 Oct 1825 Jefferson, Mississippi, USA
3 Feb 1887 Glenwood Plantation, Assumption, Louisiana, USA

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Mary Louise Kittredge's Family Relations

Martha Wills Green
1801 – 18 Nov 1836

Elizabeth Eaton Kittredge
9 Mar 1822 – 31 Aug 1847
Joseph Kirkland Kittredge
4 Oct 1830 – 17 Sep 1897
Olivia Corinna Kittredge
6 Oct 1835 – 15 Oct 1916
Orville Milo Kittredge
26 Dec 1827 – 16 Oct 1829
Eliza Josephine Kittredge
3 Aug 1833 – 29 Mar 1914

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Biography of Senator Alfred Beard Kittredge; His Complete Life and Work - Page 234


206 BIOGRAPHY OF BUST UNVEILED. At the conclusion of the exercises, the great assemblage retired to the rotunda of the Capitol, where Attorney Russell D. Kit- tredge, of Sioux Falls, a nephew of Senator Kittredge, gently pulled aside the large flag which veiled the marble bust of the Senator; and the admiring audience, led by the double quartet, burst forth in the patriotic strains of My Country, Tis of thee, Sweet land of Liberty. Only two men in South Dakota have been thus honored to date. The first one was that grand old educator for a half century, Gen. W. H. H. Beadle. The other is A. B. Kit- tredge. Their marble statues stand facing each other in two of the four alcoves in the rotunda of our state Capitol, especially pro- vided for this purpose. Beadle, in the realm of education, ingratiated himself in the

Biography of Senator Alfred Beard Kittredge; His Complete Life and Work - Page 243


SENATOR KITTREDGE 213 PRESIDENT TAFTS TRIBUTE. Inasmuch as Judge Carland, of Sioux Falls, (Now U. S. Circuit Judge), resigned the Federal Judgeship of South Dakota in the winter of 1910, to accept an appointment at the hands of President Taft on the newly created United States Commerce court, and owing to the fact that the president, for sev- eral months, permitted the vacancy caused by Judge Carlands promotion, to go unfilled, it was persistently rumored over the state, as well as commented on by the press, that President Taft was awaiting the outcome of Senator Kittredges illness, so as to tender to him the appointment of Federal Judge, provided he recovered sufficiently to accept it; therefore, in the preparation of this book, in order to clarify the political atmosphere and keep the record straight, as well as to do justice to Judge James D. Elliott, one of the foremost jurists of the west, who received

Janice Rivers Kittredge - Volunteer and Employment Careers : Oral History Transcript : University of California, Berkeley; Save San Francisco Bay Association, 1964-1998 / 2000 - Page 152


114 Some of these professors I picked, but usually what happened is all the staff was asked who their favorite professors were. And I remember that Carl Sauer was mine and I think maybe [Robert] Kerner--I don't know, some of the others. I think [Robert H.] Lowie was [picked by me] because I discovered that anthropology--cultural anthropology--went along with geography very well, so I took a lot of anthropology along with the geography--and I took history--those three things. Geography was a very good major because it didn't have a lot of requirements. They wanted you to take other courses, so there weren't a lot of geography courses. As a matter of fact, some of the required courses couldn't even be taught during the war because they didn't have anybody to teach them. In my senior year, I ended up taking meteorology and cartography which mostly people took in their undergraduate years. But there had been nobody to teach those during the war, so I ended up taking some courses as a junior and senior that I should have taken earlier. Dr. [John] Kesseli, I guess, was there, but quite a few of my classes were taught by visiting professors. I remember one from Australia who was very interesting and had a lovely accent. And then when I was a senior, everybody was back--all the famous people who had gone off to do something during the war, whether it was for the government, whether it was meteorology or what. They had all gone off to do something in the war and I do not know what. More …

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