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Mary C. Henry


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Mary C. Henry's Family Relations


Edward J. Wilder
1839 – 1921

Walter A. Wilder
1865 – 1942
Alta M. Wilder
1867 – 1946

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The Education of Henry Adams: An Autobiography - Page 214


The Perfection of Human Society 199 by a sermon in Westminster Abbey. Mme. de Castiglione and Garibaldi covered, between them, too much space for simple measurement; their curves were too complex for mere arithme tic. The task of bringing the two into any common relation with an ordered social system tending to orderly developmentin London or elsewhere was well fitted for Algernon Swinburne or Victor Hugo, but was beyond any process yet reached by the education of Henry Adams, who would probably, even then, have rejected, as superficial or supernatural, all the views taken by any of the company who looked on with him at these two interesting and perplexing sights. From the Court, or Court society, a mere private secretary got nothing at all, or next to nothing, that could help him on his road through life. Royalty was in abeyance. One was tempted to think in these years, 1860-65, that the nicest distinction between the very best society and the second-best, was their attitude to- wards royalty. The one regarded royalty as a bore, and avoided it, or quietly said that the Queen had never been in society. The same thing might have been said of fully half the peerage. Adams never knew even the names of half the rest; he never exchanged ten words with any member of the royal family; he never knew any one in those years who showed …

Henry Dunster and His Descendants - Page 244


THE SWALLOW FAMILY. 227 23 (i) J o h n 8 Ca l v in S w allow , born ----- , at Peter- boro, married there. (ii) E l l a 8 S w a l l o w , b o rn ----- , at Peterboro, living with her mother in the house where she was born, unm. 5. S a r a h 7 S w a l l o w (twin), born Jan. 28, 1820 , married April 22, 1838 , Joseph Pollard Felt, (his third wife). She died at Mason Village, Nov. 7, 1841 , aged 21 years. Had one child, who died in Mason, Feb. 5, 1840 . 6. J o s e p h , ) Twins (second pair) of John and Sally 7. M a r y , j (Wood) Swallow* born Aug. 24, 1822 . 6. J o s e p h 7 S w a l l o w (twin), married Nov. 24, 1845 , Aderathy Woods, of Brookfield. Have one daughter, married -------- , 1872, lives at Newton? Have buried two children? 7. M a r y 7 S w a l l o w (twin to Joseph), mar. …

Memoirs of the Life of Henry Van Schaack - Page 225


HENRY VAN SCHAACK. 205 these choice spirits! H ow instructive their conversations! H ow rich in revolutionary and anti-revolutionary anecdotes, and how valuable for the historical information w hich thev * imparted! T h e actors in these c'onvivial scenes are all now in their graves, and 110 su rv ivin g hand is left to depict them .* It is gratifying to a liberal mind to see these remarkable men, some o f whom had taken opposite sides in the revolution, throw ing off their austerity after that event, and g iv in g scope to the generous sentiments o f pure minds. It is a lesson of toleration to the generations w hich follow that ought not to be lost. It is indeed a singular fact that the prominent actors in the revolution, the v e ry leaders 011 the popular side, and those w ho made the greatest sacrifices in that conflict, had more consideration for their political opponents than the g e n erations w hich have succeeded them. T h e y appreciated the difficulties w hich embarrassed the conscientious loyalist. Hence W ashington, Jay, Morris, Benson, Schuyler, Trum bull, Hamilton, Sedgw ick, Troup, W adsworth, Benjamin Rush and others o f the same class, found 110 difficulty, on the ratification of the treaty of peace, in recognizing the virtues o f those w ho from principle had been opposed to the revolutionary m ove ment. T hese m …

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Mary C. Henry is a member of the Henry Family.

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