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Mary Jane Barker 1

17 Dec 1908 2
12 Jun 1994 Roxboro, Person County, North Carolina 3
Red House Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Caswell County, North Carolina)

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Mary Jane Barker's Family Relations

Thomas Woody Barker
13 Apr 1884 – 19 Mar 1947
Mattie Lou Tulloh
18 Jan 1885 – 4 Sep 1978

James Dailey Barker
26 Sep 1907 – 6 Feb 1971
Gladys Patience Barker
27 Aug 1911 – 3 Sep 2000
John Thomas Barker
1 Aug 1913 – 25 Feb 1963

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Life of George P. Barker, With Sketches of Some of His Celebrated Speeches; the Proceedings of the Bar of Erie County on the Occasion of His Death; and the Funeral Sermon of John C. Lord, D. D - Page 156


148 LIFE OP BARKER. should be used in opposition to any repub- lican. Hut the delegate to whom governor Bouck had given this discretionary author- ity, upon consulting with the other friends of Mr. B ., was advised against withdrawing his name. The convention therefore pro- ceeded to a ballot, which resulted in 95 votes for Wright and 30 for Bouck*, where- upon Mr. Seymour, one of the most distin- guished and zealous friends of the re-nomi- nation of governor Bouck, moved that the nomination of Mr. Wright should be de- clared unanimous, and the resolution was adopted without a dissenting voice. Addi- son Gardiner, late circuit judge of the eighth circuit, was unanimously nominated for lieutenant governor.1 * * * *By the resolutions adopted by the convention they denounced a high tariff, a national bank, the distribution of the proceeds of the public lands, &c., and they approved the resolutions adopted by the Baltimore con- vention. They do not allude to the annex- tion of Texas, other than by expressing their approbation of the principles put forth by the Baltimore convention. They prob-

Biographies of Attorney-General George P. Barker, John C. Lord, D.d., Mrs. John C. Lord, and William G. Bryan, Esq. Also, Lecture on Journalism - Page 98


90 Biographies and Journalism. erally known as his public career. As he was entirely destitute of all pretence, he was never guilty of inconsistency. Many of his acts might be enumerated, which he little thought would ever become subjects of printed notice, and which, however trivial they may be deemed by superficial thinkers, prove the essential benevolence and generosity of his character. It is said of a certain lawyer that having taken a very small fee, he was accused by his brethren of having disgraced their profes- sion. He replied that he had taken little because he could not get more, and that, little as it might seem, it was the whole worldly estate of his client. This, he submitted, could not be called disgracing the profession. In such things, Mr. Barker might be termed a disgrace to his profes- sion, but an honor to mankind. He was singularly disinter- ested in many of his most strenuous exertions; and if the walls of the prison could tell the annals of their various inmates, he would be known as one who, without fee or reward or the hope of any, would often devote his professional and oratorical ability to the utmost in aiding the wretched. Nor was he deficient in firmness when acting in behalf of the public. As an illustration of General Barkers nobility of soul, as exemplifying unmistakably the characteristics I have claimed for him, I give the essential points of an incident as narrated by L. B. Proctor, Esq., in his Bench and Bar of New York …

Life of George P. Barker, With Sketches of Some of His Celebrated Speeches; the Proceedings of the Bar of Erie County on the Occasion of His Death; and the Funeral Sermon of John C. Lord, D. D - Page 41


LIFE OP BARKER. 33 incidents like the above reached the hearts of his hearers and revived the drooping spirits of his political associates. The election of 1828 resulted, as is well known, in the entire defeat of national republicanism and anti-masonry, and the triumph throughout this state and the United States was complete. And to this result, Mr. Barker contributed in no trifling degree. He was admitted to the bar in 1830, and commenced on the regular practice of his profession. Immediately after his admis- sion, he entered into a co-partnership with S. G. Austin, Esq. The bar of Erie county at that time, comprised as much talent and learning, as perhaps any other of equal number in the state ; and Mr. Barker had besides to contend against the odds of well established reputations, powerful connec- tions, and settled business. He was, howe- ver, undaunted. He entered upon practice with the same untiring diligence and energy which distinguished him as a student, and he rose rapidly to the rank of the very first. He was appointed clerk of the village of 4

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About Mary Jane Barker

Mary Jane Barker is a member of the Barker Family.

Author Notes

Mary Jane Barker (1908-1994)

Mary Jane (Janie) Barker (1908-1994)

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