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Mary Jane Barker 1

17 Dec 1908 2
12 Jun 1994 Roxboro, Person County, North Carolina 3
Red House Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Caswell County, North Carolina)

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Mary Jane Barker's Family Relations

Thomas Woody Barker
13 Apr 1884 – 19 Mar 1947
Mattie Lou Tulloh
18 Jan 1885 – 4 Sep 1978

James Dailey Barker
26 Sep 1907 – 6 Feb 1971
Gladys Patience Barker
27 Aug 1911 – 3 Sep 2000
John Thomas Barker
1 Aug 1913 – 25 Feb 1963

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Life of George P. Barker, With Sketches of Some of His Celebrated Speeches; the Proceedings of the Bar of Erie County on the Occasion of His Death; and the Funeral Sermon of John C. Lord, D. D - Page 156


148 LIFE OP BARKER. should be used in opposition to any repub- lican. Hut the delegate to whom governor Bouck had given this discretionary author- ity, upon consulting with the other friends of Mr. B ., was advised against withdrawing his name. The convention therefore pro- ceeded to a ballot, which resulted in 95 votes for Wright and 30 for Bouck*, where- upon Mr. Seymour, one of the most distin- guished and zealous friends of the re-nomi- nation of governor Bouck, moved that the nomination of Mr. Wright should be de- clared unanimous, and the resolution was adopted without a dissenting voice. Addi- son Gardiner, late circuit judge of the eighth circuit, was unanimously nominated for lieutenant governor.1 * * * *By the resolutions adopted by the convention they denounced a high tariff, a national bank, the distribution of the proceeds of the public lands, &c., and they approved the resolutions adopted by the Baltimore con- vention. They do not allude to the annex- tion of Texas, other than by expressing their approbation of the principles put forth by the Baltimore convention. They prob-

Incidents in the Life of Jacob Barker, of New Orleans, Louisiana; With Historical Facts, His Financial Transactions With the Government, and His Course on Important Political Questions, From 1800 to 1855 - Page 13


INTRO I> IT CTION. 3 with the exception of the oppressive tax im- posed on those who conduct that business. What those who ask for a law on the subject want is an exemption from liability for their banking operations beyond the amount they think proper to embark, which law our consti- tution prohibits the legislature from enacting, this they call free banking. I could not ob- ject to such a law if constitutional, although con- tent to remain liable to the extent of all my operations, banking, equally with all my other transactions in life. One word more for myself. I do not think it was wise, politic, or in good taste, to mix the name or business of any individual, not a can- didate, with these discussions. They should be general, not personal. il I have been in'active business here for more than seventeen years; came here with my fam- ily, my ships, my merchandise, my servants, my furniture, and other appendages of life, in- tending to make it the place of my permanent residence, and expend my earnings among those from whom I should derive them; have passed fifteen summers herethe buildings erected on Gravier street, the vessels dispatched, and other business transacted by me, evidence the number of persons who have found employ- ment from my enterprise. I am known to the whole community, every member is at liberty to deal with me or not, as he may think proper. If an active demonstration before their eyes for seventeen years is not enough, human life will be too short for them to acquire the necessary information. u I am not a candidate for professional em- ployment, nor have I been for a long period; the time wasted in hanging about the courts, waiting for a cause …

Biographies of Attorney-General George P. Barker, John C. Lord, D.D., Mrs. John C. Lord, and William G. Bryan, Esq. - Page 49


George P. Barker. 4i much doubt, and when it was expected as it was here, that the question would go to the appropriate committee, it was extraor- dinary that many should be unprepared to vote. For himself he was sure that the question was not pressed upon the house with a view to embarrass the bill. If he knew himself, he was willing that the bill should pass, if it could pass constitution- ally, and he should in that case say amen to it as heartily as any man on that floor. All he wished was to give an honest and intelligent vote on the question.

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About Mary Jane Barker

Mary Jane Barker is a member of the Barker Family.

Author Notes

Mary Jane Barker (1908-1994)

Mary Jane (Janie) Barker (1908-1994)

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