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Bedford Brown Massey 1

Aug 1850 North Carolina

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Bedford Brown Massey's Family Relations

Mark Mecham Massey
21 Oct 1813 – 1870
Louisa Eliza Jane Ward
7 Aug 1819 – 27 May 1894

Thomas Jefferson Massey
14 Nov 1863 – 26 Oct 1936
William Thomas Massey
1839 – 1 Apr 1862
Nancy Walker Massey
1860 – 1934
James Henry Massey
1855 – 1855

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Autobiography of John E. Massey; Ed. by Elizabeth H. Hancock - Page 240


234 Autobiography of John E. Massey if not as a. candidate at least as a private citi- zen, in behalf of the people of the State. [Ap- plause.] It has been promulgated by the satraps Richmond mouth-piece that he and his henchmen were going to support President Arthur in re- turn for what he had done for Virginia. I think President Garfield was one of the best and no- blest of men. He, by his conservative views, proved himself a friend to Virginia and the en- tire South. Now, look ye on this picture and then on that. What has President Arthur done for the Old Dominion that she should support his radical administration? The Bosss Richmond organ says the State owes him a debt of grati- tude for something or other. What for? What has he done for you, my friends, that you should give him your support? Has he reduced, or even recommended the reduction of the tax on tobacco? Has he lessened the tax on whiskey or on any of your productions? Now, where does the gratitude come in? I confess I am at a loss to see it. The Whig and its boss may go over to Arthurs Kitchen Cabinet if they choose, but …

Autobiography of John E. Massey - Page 225


The Big Four 213 The mens say old Massey, 3 and the womens say poor Massey. The damage to the State that Mahones ob- noxious measures would do alarmed all who understood their character and design; and 1 was urged to watch and to prevent their passage. I have now before me letters from three Virginia Congressmen soliciting me to do so. Honorable George D. Wise wrote me April 5, 1882 : In consulting with various gentlemen (Re- adjusters and others) we all came to the con- clusion that you could defeat a great deal of obnoxious legislation. You are aware that it is the purpose of Gen- eral Mahone to make himself the master of the situation, and then to rule with an iron rule. His control of the patronage depends upon his ability to bind us hand and foot, and hand us over to the Eepublican party. That is a part of his game, as you understand as well as I do. We have unhappily been divided on local issues, but there are staunch, firm Readjuster Demo- crats who do not want, I feel sure, to make Virginia Republican. I feel confident that you are one of that number, and you can do more than any other man to accomplish the defeat of Mahones schemes. The issues which divided us have been settled, and they will not trouble us again. I was requested to have you seen, and urge upon you the great importance of …

Autobiography of John E. Massey - Page 26


14 Autobiography of John E. Massey four days meeting in a grove at Mount Hermon Church, and after the preaching was over I felt an irresistible impulse to make an exhortation. Being small, even for one of my age, I stood upon a bench and talked to the young people. When I concluded my remarks I felt that I had acted obtrusively; but my pastor came to me, and putting his hand upon my head, spoke in a way to encourage me. Not long afterward I attended a similar meet- ing at Antioch Church, in Orange County, and although I was not acquainted with the pastor or members of that church, I had a feeling of dread that I should be asked to say something. I went into the church early, and took a seat behind a door. After an earnest sermon by Elder Powell, and an apparently ineffective ex- hortation from the pastor, the former looked over to me and said, My little brother, cant you talk to the people? The brethren around me led me forward and placed me on the pulpit steps. I felt embar- rassed, and I commenced by saying, Will you hear something from a little boy? I have never been able to recall anything else I said. My discomposure left me, and I spoke as the spirit gave me utterance. The effect amazed me. Men and women arose in every part of the house, crowded around the pulpit, …

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About Bedford Brown Massey

Bedford Brown Massey is a member of the Massey Family.

Author Notes

The following excerpt is from The Heritage of Caswell County, North Carolina, Jeannine D. Whitlow, Editor (1985) at 370 (Article #464, "Ancestors of Rufus Jefferson Massey" by E Christine B. Massey):

The U.S. Census of 1790 lists no Masseys in Caswell Co. In Orange Co. there were three; Abraham, Abner (St. Mar's Dist.) and Abijah (St. Thomas Dist.) In Northampton Co. N.C., I found a John Massey and a Henry Meacham, Jr. And in Wake Co., a Nathan Massey.

In 1803 a "List of Taxables" in Caswell County had a William Massey (Gloucester District) and Howell and John Massey (St. David's District). Is this our elusive three brothers. It is interesting to note that when we compare the map of Caswell County today with the districts designated at this period of history, St. David's District and Gloucester District in the southern part of Caswell County are divided by a line that crosses Route #3 Burlington in the Anderson Community somewhere within one to three miles of the location of the Massey family ancestral homeplace.

The following Caswell Co. Census continued to list the above Masseys; adding a Jordon Massey, James Massey, Joseph Massey, a second William (Jr.?) and Elizabeth Massey as head of households. On the 1830 census the name of Banks Mecham appeared. In 1850 the census shows a William; place of birth, Northampton Co. N.C., living in house next to Mark Massey family.

The Mecham name was quite interesting. So was the other information but it did not help me find the father of Mark. All evidence so far points to John. Mark was born in Caswell Co. on 21 October 1813. He died between 1870 and 1878. Mark married Louisa Ward in Caswell County, 28 June 1838.

Louisa Eliza Jane Ward was born in Orange Co. N.C. 7 August 1819. She died 27 May 1894. To this union were born seven children. They were (William Thomas (1839-1862), Albert Anderson (1847-1913), Bedford Brown (1850- ), Martha Ann Susan (1853-1883), James Henry (1855-1855), Nancy Walker (1859-1934) and Thomas Jefferson (1863-1936).

Mark Massey was a farmer He served in the Confederate Army. His two oldest sons served also. William Thomas Massey died at Richmond Va. 1 April 1862. His last three letters; dated March 16, 21, 27, 1862, tell of marching through Raleigh, N.C. and seeing Union prisoners there. They tell of the foods they had to eat, marching through Richmond and mention the fact that there were measles in the ranks and that he was not feeling well himself. He died of congestion of the lungs. It is interesting to note that Albert A. Massey was taken prisoner on 1 April 1865 at Farmville, Va. on the 3rd anniversary date of his older brother's death. Mark Massey also was taken prisoner (date unknown) and he signed the pledge of Allegiance to the Union on 8 September 1865. Albert A. Massey signed the pledge of allegiance on 25 June 1865.

The seventh and last child, Thomas Jefferson Massey married his first wife, Martha Frances Aldridge on 5 Dec. 1889. After her death in 1900, he married her younger sister, Sarah Magadaline Aldridge. Thomas and Martha had five children; Ossie, Rufus Jefferson, Franklin, Azariah, and Nannie Lee. Thomas and Sarah had seven children; Ollie, Lessie, boy (born and died same day), Birtha, Calvin, Amon, and Molly Mae.

Thomas raised his family at the family ancestral home. He was a member of Bush Arbor Primitive Baptist Church. He and his wives and several children are buried in the church cemetery.

Rufus Jefferson Massey, son of Thomas Jefferson and Martha Aldridge Massey, married Esther Mae Rascoe, daughter of James Saunders Rascoe and Mary Elizabeth Rascoe Rascoe. They have raised their family in Caswell County, N.C. also.

1860 United States Federal Census
Name: B B Massey
Age in 1860: 8
Birth Year: abt 1852
Birthplace: North Carolina
Home in 1860: Caswell, North Carolina
Gender: Male
Post Office: Prospect Hill
Household Members: Name Age
Mark Massey 46
E Massey 45
Thos Massey 21
Albert Massey 14
B B Massey 8
S Massey 6
N Massey 1

1880 United States Federal Census
Name: Bedford Mapey [Bedford Massey]
Home in 1880: Anderson, Caswell, North Carolina
Age: 29
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1851
Birthplace: North Carolina
Relation to Head of Household: Self (Head)
Father's birthplace: North Carolina
Mother's birthplace: North Carolina
Occupation: Farmer
Marital Status: Widower
Race: White
Gender: Male
Household Members: Name Age
Bedford Mapey 29
Fannie Mapey 11
Mary Mapey 9
Annie Mapey 5
Nannie Mapey 20

1900 United States Federal Census
Name: Bedford Massey [Bedford R Massey]
Home in 1900: Anderson, Caswell, North Carolina
Age: 49
Birth Date: Aug 1850
Birthplace: North Carolina
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relationship to Head of House: Head
Father's Birthplace: North Carolina
Mother's Birthplace: North Carolina
Spouse's Name: Susan J Massey
Marriage Year: 1885
Marital Status: Married
Years Married: 15
Household Members: Name Age
Bedford Massey 49
Susan J Massey 47
George J Massey 14
Junis P Massey 12
Charlie B Massey 9
Benjamin Massey 6


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