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Friolan de SEMUR

0855 Semur-en-Brionnais, Saone-et-Loire, Bourgogne, France
0891 Bourgogne, France

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Armorial général de la France .. (Volume 7, Part 1a) - Page 697


3.5 DE BRECHARD. - De Ion mariaj^e il eut un ji:an de Brchard, Baron de Breflblles, Seigneur de Thury ^ iMontgarnault, qui poula Jeanne nr; Sainii.-Vidaili.i:, dite de la Tour, lille d'Aragon de la Tour, Seigneur deSainte-Vidaille, 8c de Catherine de Joyeuse. La illiation rgulire de la branche de Brinay ne commence qu' partir de : PREMIER DEGR. Pierre de Ikchard, Seigneur de Villiers, lequel hrita, avec fon frre Henri, cuyer, Seigneur de Chavanche, de la fucceUion de l^ame Jeanne de Bourbon, veuve de Meflire Geoffroy de Bourbon, Chevalier. Henri vendit une part de cet hritage Huguenin de Druys, par acle du 6 Novembre 143 1 {a). Il avait poule en 1427 Catherine nu Box. Son frre, Pierre, eut de l'on mariage avec Jeanne de LA Mousse, vivante encore en 149G, trois lils : 1 . Jean, qui luit. 2. Gn.HERT, Protonotaire du Saint-Sige. 3. F'ranois de Brchard, Ecuyer, rendit aveu du fief de Villers en i5o5. //. DEGR. Jean de Brchard, P' du nom, cuyer, poufa, par contrat du i5 No^embre 1496 {b), Claude de Mon.iouknal, fille de feu Jacques de Monjournal, Ecuyer, Seigneur …

Universal Pronouncing Dictionary of Biography and Mythology - Page 1503


MAIA 1499 MAILLET-DU CLAIRON associate of the French Institute in 1842, and librarian of the Roman Church in 1853. Died in September, 1854 . See P, A. Mutti, Elogio di Angelo Mai, 1838; Nouvelle Biographie Gnrale. M'a, [Maia or Mnw'if, ] in Greek mythology, is repre- sented as the daughter of Atlas and Pleione, (whence she was called Atlantis and Pleias, ) and the eldest of the Pleiades. She was the mother of Hermes, (Mercury.) Another Maia, alias M a jest a, was a goddess of the Romans, who named one of the months in honour of her. Maiano or Majano, da, d m-y'no, (Benedetto, ) an eminent Italian sculptor and architect, was born in Tuscany, perhaps in Florence, in 1424, or, according to other authorities, in 1442. He acquired fame first by his unrivalled skill in inlaid work, and afterwards de- voted himself to sculpture in marble. He worked in Florence and Naples. Among his best productions are a bust of Giotto, and a marble pulpit of Santa Croce, (in Florence, ) in which he represented the …

Universal Pronouncing Dictionary of Biography and Mythology (Volume I) - Page 457


BONIFACE 427 BONNARD Boniface, bon'e-fass, [Fr. pron. bo'ne'fass'; Lat. Bo- nifa'cius; It. Bonifazio, bo-ne-ftt'se-o, | L, Pope, suc- ceeded Zozimus as Bishop of Rome in 419 a.d. His claims were opposed by a party in favour of Eulalius; but the emperor Honorius deciaed in favour of Boniface. He was a patron of learning, and Saint Augustine dedi- cated to him some of his works. He died in 422, and was succeeded by Celestinus I. See Baronius, Annales. Boniface II., born at Rome, succeeded Felix IV. in 530 ; died in 532. Boniface III., born at Rome, was elected pope in 607, and died the same year. He obtained from the emperor Phocas permission for the pope to be entitled universal bishop. Boniface IV., a native of Valeria, in Italy, succeeded Boniface III. in 608. He dedicated the Pantheon to the Virgin and saints, having first removed the heathen images. Died in 615. Boniface V., a native of Naples, succeeded Deus- dedit in 619. He was noted for his efforts to convert the Britons to Christianity. He died in 624, and was succeeded by Honorius I. Boniface VL, …

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