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James Manual Earle

24 Oct 1840 Montpelier, Baldwin Co. AL
4 Dec 1925 Blacksher, Baldwin Co. AL
Montgomery Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Tensaw, Baldwin, AL

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James Manual Earle's Family Relations


Cornelia Elizabeth Earle
20 Nov 1833 – 4 Nov 1890
Ann Washington Earle
8 Aug 1840 – 13 Sep 1911
Mary Earle
1840 –

Laura Virginia Boyles
13 Feb 1846 – 26 Nov 1925

Charles Young Earle
3 Apr 1881 – 2 Oct 1950
Anna Lee Earle
21 May 1884 –
Sadie Byrne Earle
18 Jun 1886 –
Luke Luther Earle
14 Mar 1876 –
William B. (Willie) Earle
3 Jan 1878 – 19 Nov 1923
Maude Earle
6 Feb 1873 –
Mary E. Earle
30 Nov 1866 –
Julia Earle
6 May 1868 –
John William Earle
13 May 1869 – 15 Apr 1936
Lelia Earle
6 Feb 1873 – 1944

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The Earle Family. Ralph Earle and His Descendants - Page 22


XXIV I N TR ODU CT I ON . It will be perceived that the orthography of the family name has differed, in England, as well as in America. T o say nothing of the apparently original De Erlegh, and the later De Erie, the spelling has been, in that country, Erie, Earl, Earls and Earle, in different branches. T h e name is still found there under these four several forms ; but it is believed that Earle is by far the most prevalent. In the compilation of this book, the diversity of orthography has been the source of no little labor, not to say annoyance. It has been the endeavor, as stated in a note on page 18, to give the names of all living descendants, as they themselves, in each instance, would write it. But it is undoubtedly true that, in many instances, there has been a failure to accomplish that object. A s an illustration of the difficulty in its accom plishment, as well as to show how the spelling of ones name is governed by either taste, whim or caprice, the following curious example ma}r be adduced : In a public registry o f one of the counties in Massachusetts, there is the record of a document relating to the ownership of certain real estate. T h e paper wras signed by six brothers. I f their signatures be correctly copied, the first three of them spelled their …

Memoirs of Pliny Earle, M.d., With Extracts From His Diary and Letters (1830-1892) and Selections From His Professional Writings ( 1839-1891) - Page 184


I2 THE INSANE OF NEW YORK tation at Bloomingdale, he was in 1847 appointed, without pre- vious notice to himself, one of a board of physicians to visit the City Lunatic Asylum on Blackwells Island, which then con- tained something more than four hundred pauper patients. The governors of Bloomingdale, however, thought this outside duty an interference with his regular work in their asylum, and he made but one official visit to this pauper asylum. Could he have continued in the position, it is probable that this fast-growing and usually ill-managed island establishment would have made a better record for itself. The insane asy- lums of New York City, and those in Kings County, now included in Greater New York, have had great need of the practical sense, the courageous humanity, and the consider- ate frugality of men like Dr. Earle. After a long period of neglect and abuse, often exposed, but never sufficiently cor- rected, they have finally passed under the experienced control of Dr, P. M. Wise, of the State Lunacy Commission of New York; and it is hoped that they will now attain a character worthy of the great city which sends its unfortunates to fill and overcrowd their wards.

Memoirs of Pliny Earle, M.d.: With Extracts From His Diary and Letters... - Page 340


i879"i88s 3*3 I would express the hope that the time is not far distant when our Association will so far perfect its statistical system as to make a dis- tinction between persons and cases, and thus enable the reader to learn how many of the reported recoveries are first recoveries and how many are subsequent This improvement was made in the Massachusetts tables in 1879, and in those of the British Medico- Psychological Association in 1883. Surely, the American Associa- tion ought not to lag far behind.* Valuable as statistical exactness is9 recoveries are not secured thereby, but by close observation, personal care, and the wise use of moral and medical means. Nor is it always possible to indicate the means or cause of recovery. When Dr. Earle and I were arranging the form of the Massachusetts tables just mentioned, we provided for one showing the cause of death in asylum patients. This was retained and is still in use ; but another form, providing for a report by the physi- cians on Cause of Recovery" in patients recovered, was stricken out at the request of the asylum physicians. As I remember the incident, Dr. Earle said concerning that table, If you can get the cause truthfully stated, it will be of much value; but it will be exceptional that the true cause will be known, or, if known, truly stated. He allowed it to pass, however, and was ready to make such reports himself; but his foresight proved exact, and the form was set aside. His friends were perhaps inclined to claim more for him in the matter of recoveries under his care …

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About James Manual Earle

James Manual Earle III is a member of the Earle Family.

Author Notes

James served with the 23d Alabama Infantry Regiment throughout the war.

Earle, James Manuel, b. 24 Oct 1840 Montpelia, Baldwin Co., Ala., d. 4 Dec 1925, Father, A Valiant Confederate Soldier, Co. G 23 Ala. Regiment h/o Laura Virginia Boyles, Died - Blacksher, Ala.


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