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Theodulos Synadenos

1012 of Byzantium

Theodulos Synadenos's Family Relations

Unknown Synadena
1050 – 24 Apr 1077

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The Journal of Hellenic Studies (Volume 7) - Page 351


THE LOMBARDS AND VENETIANS IN EUBOIA. 339 the same year lie reduced Skopelos and Lemnos. Lemnos was stoutly defended by tbe Grand Duke Paolo Navigajoso, who refused Michaels offer of 60, 000 gold liyperpers. He, and after his death his wife, succeeded in protracting the siege of his castle till 1278. but the rest of the island was won by Licarios arms. He next determined to make an attempt on Chalkis. Giberto da Verona and his friend John de la Roche, the hero of Neopatrai, marched forth to meet him with a force of Sicilian mercenaries who had served King Manfred. Licario was com- pletely victorious, and captured the persons of Giberto and the Duke of Athens, who were both wounded. The defeated army took refuge in Chalkis, capturing in their retreat a small body of Spaniards who had too rashly pursued them. To their amazement Licario stayed his hand and did not advance on the capital, although he had gained the day and had a fleet at Oreos to back him. It appears that for the second time a battle in Thessaly influenced the course of events in Euboia. Just as three years before the news of the battle of Neopatrai elated the Lombards and produced the disaster of Volo, so now the news of the battle of Pharsalos, where John the Sebastokrator had com- pletely …

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... Abt. 1158 of, Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey Montferrat, Conrado de 1187 Angelina, Zoe Abt. 1129 of, Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey SYNADENOS, Andronikos Angelos, (Mrs.) Alexios Komnenos Angelos, Alexios Komnenos Angelos, Konstantinos Abt. 1137 Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey Angelos, ...

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About Theodulos Synadenos

Theodulos Synadenos is a member of the Synadenos Family.

Author Notes

The name Synadenos is a geographical designation denoting the inhabitant of the Phrygian town of Synada. A certain Philetos Synadenos is mentioned living c1000-06 & several other Synadenoi occupied prominent positions during the 11th century. Under the Palaiologoi emperors, the family intermarried with other wealthy aristocrats & retained its influence until well into the 15th century.