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Thomas De Lyttleton 1 2

1240 Coulesdon, Shropshire, , England
1305 , Shropshire, , England

Thomas De Lyttleton's Family Relations

Henry De Lyttleton
1208 – 1244

Emma De Frankley
1235 –

Coulsdon, Surrey, , England

John Lyttleton
1307 –
Thomas De Lyttleton
1305 – 1346
Edmund Lyttleton
1301 –

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Biographia Britannica : or, the Lives of the Most Eminent Persons Who Have Flourished in Great Britain and Ireland, From the Earliest Ages, Down to the Present Times (Volume 5) - Page 107


LISTER. LITTLETON. 2975- under the title of Exercitationes Medicinales, in 1697, 8vo []. The following year, he attended the Earl of Portland in his embaffy from King William the Third to the Court of France. He (laid at Paris about fix months, and, on his return, publiihed an account of this journey, containing obfervations on the ftate and curiofities of that metropolis. Thefe being thought fomewhat minute and trifling for a man of letters, were fmartly ri- diculed in a pleafant travefty, under the title of a Journey to London, publifhed by the ingenious Dr William King the fame year [F]. In 1709, he publiihed his DiJJerlatio de Humoribus ; and in November that year, upon the indifpofuion of Dr Edward Hannes, our author was promoted to be fecond Phyfician in Ordinary to her Majefty Queen Anne (b). (*) Boyer* Life But this honour he enjoyed only a few years ; he laboured then under the weight of age p. Annc> and infirmities, which increafing, put a period to his life in February 1711 -12, being fucceeded as Queen's Phyfician by Dr Thomas Shadwell (/). Befides …

Anthony Hamilton: (Author of Memoirs of Count Grammont) His Life and Works and His Family - Page 378


INDEX 353 English entering French service, 31, 32 ; preparation for war with United Provinces, 42 ; preju- dices the King against the cour- tiers, 152 . 1 ; criticizes the rgiment d'Hamilton, 47 ; ar- rangements for shipping Irish recruits, 56 ; directs George Hamilton to raise recruits, 59 ; criticizes the rgiment Hamilton- Dongan, 66 ; recruits to be raised for English forces, 66 ; orders return of officers to France, 66 ; explains cashiering of English regiments, 68 ; dis- approves of Dongan, 68 ; dislikes the Hamiltons, 70 ; reproached by Mme. de Gramont, 70, 109 ; quarrels with Richard Hamilton, 72 ; letters from A vaux, 85, 87 ; from Rosen, 89 ; suggests raising of Londonderry siege, 91 ; letter from Rosen, 92 . 1 ; hears com- plaints against Hamiltons, 96 ; will have no Hamiltons in the Brigade, 98 ; letter from Sars- fidd, 105-6 ; from Tyrconnel, 107 ; is dead, 108 Lowestoft, victory off, 27 Lulli, Jean Baptiste de, 15011. 5 Lussan, Madame de, 134 Lussan, Mademoiselle de, writer, 234 Luttrell, Henry, 104-5 Luttrell, Simon, 104-5 LuttrelTs Horse, 288, 295 Luxembourg, Marchal de, 46 Luynes, Madame de, 185 Lyttleton, Sir Charles, 204, 217 Lyttleton, Lady, …

Duluth Evening Herald (Volume January 29, 1900 ) - Page 25


DULUTH EVENING HERALD 1 t\vo IV. SEVENTEENTH YEAR. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY i, 1900. LAST' EDITION. CENTS. The Most Complete House Furnishers in Minnesota. Goods Marked in Plain Figures. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD SOLDIERS SUPREME The Militia Now Holds the Belence of Power In Kentucky. AT- FRENCH & DASSETTS I & 1 T SEA AS TO CHOICE Oar Popular Terms. $5.00 a month on $25 worth o! goods $6.00 a month on $40 worth of goods $7.00 a month on $50 worth of goods $8.00 a month on $60 worth of goods $9.00 a month on $75 worth of goods $10.00 a month on $100 worth of goods ( HOW IS IT WITH YOU?. Look round the habitable world, how few Know their own good, or, knowing, it pursue. If the above were not true, fewer people would find their property under-insured when fire occurs and more people would have regard for the character of the in- surance they secure on their property. When you Qet Insurance, Get the Best. We Furnish It. GRAVES-MANLEY AGENCY, ESTABLISHED 1869. Office: Torrey Building, First Floor, Duluth, Minn. aia A Pair of Eyes Worth Having …

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Thomas De Lyttleton is a member of the De Lyttleton Family.

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