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Nathaniel Holloway


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Nathaniel Holloway's Family Relations

Deliverance Bobet Babbitt
15 Dec 1673 – Jan 1747
March 13, 1700
Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts

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Memoir of the Late Thomas Holloway, by One of His Executors - Page 47


36 MEMOIR OF THE LIFE picture before him, which in many parts re quired a close inspection, yielded to a rap ture of delight in terms of animation which afterwards were imitated in the analytical illustration which accompanied the engrav ing. It cannot then be thought inexcu- able that, at first, Mr. Holloway was not aware that he had to bring to the prosecution of his great design new ideas of excellence, and enlarged powers of judgment, before he could be qualified to do justice to these no blest of human productions. < To return from thdte remarks, it was simply the possession of Dorignys prints, that first suggested to him the conception of a. new and more finished series of engravings. The subject was afterwards discussed in frequent' conversations with the late President of the

Memoir of the Late Thomas Holloway, by One of His Executors - Page 62


OF MR. THOMAS HOLLOWAY. 51 nial feelings, or otherwise, and governed him self accordingly with much judgment The drawings being completed, forming a most faithful and valuable series of copies, the artists, now that the pictures were no longer essential to them, except for occasional consultation, removed to Edgefield, in Nor folk; to which delightful village they were attracted by their love of perfect retirement, the probability of a reduction in their expen diture, and by the affectionate and superior society of some valued relatives who had long been residents there. Through this cir cumstance they soon felt themselves at home; hut after sustaining for a considerable period the inconvenience of houses unsuitable for their, large. and. increasing families, were obliged, reluctantly, to make another change. e 2

Memoir of the Late Thomas Holloway, by One of His Executors - Page 73


62 MEMOIR OF THE LIFE of Providence; whose superintendence of so frail a charge, proves that there remains a destiny beyond the present state which gives to decaying mortality the opportunity of eternal happiness. This was too much; the two-fold attack on natural and religious grounds overcame the patience of the aggres sor in the dispute, who, in. his uncontrollable aversion to argumentative opposition, imme diately and unceremoniously left the house. In the society to which Mr. Holloway at tached himself at Windsor, he, with other worthy friends, considerably promoted the use fulness and the importance of the dissenting interest there; and, perhaps, helped to dignify, as well as secure, its subordinate pretensions; surrounded as it was by the splendour of a great hierarchal establishment It is super-

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Nathaniel Holloway is a member of the Holloway Family.

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