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The Registers of More, Shropshire, 1569-1812


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Shropshire Parish Registers.
Feb. 19. Sarah, d. of John and Ann Gravenor bap.
Mar. 27. Thomas and Richard, sons of Thomas and Sarah Collins (paupers) bap.
Mar. 3°- Thos. Collins, an infant and pauper bur.
Apr. 22. Richard Collins, an infant, a pauper bur.
May 6. Ann, d. of Robert and Mary Lloid bap.
May 12. Elizabeth Laiton, widow Mrs. Dorothy Atcherley, died May 24th, was buried at Middle ye 29th, aged 88 bur.
May 26. .Sarah Everall, widow bur.
Aug. 10. Anne, d. of Robert Taylor, Clerk, and Dorothy bap.
Aug. 13- Mrs. Ann Blakeway (from Hereford) bur.
Sep. 14. Susannah Cadwallader bur.
Sep. 25- James, s. of Edward and Elizabeth Bea- mont bap.
Oct. 14. John, s. of William and Martha James ... bap.
Dec. 14. Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor (from Salop) bur.
Dec. 26. Mary, d. of John and Patience Richards... Jn. Medlicott, John Gough—Ch. W. bap.
Jan. i3- Mary, d. of William and Mary Paget bap.
Jan. 20. Mary, d. of Edward and Mar)' Peploe ... bap.
Jan. 29. Mary Paget, an infant bur.
Feb. 3- Agnes, d. of Joseph and Mary Burgess ... bap.
Feb. 23- Humphrey Sankey (from Churchstoke) ... bur.
Mar. 19. Laura Octavia, d. of Robert More, Esq., and Elizabeth bap.
Mar. 31* Elizabeth Wootten, an infant ... bur.
Apr. 5- John, s. of Richard and Ann Bradley ... bap.
May 18. Ann, d. of John and Ann Gravenor bap.
May 20. Richard Morris (from The Bent) bur.
May 28. Katherine, d. of Humphrey and Ann Sankey bap.
May 28. Elizabeth, d. of John and Martha Medlicott bap.
June 24. Elizabeth Medlicott, an infant bur.
July 8. Thomas, s. of Samuel and Hannah Maria Wilks bap.
Sep. 5- George, s. of Thomas and Jane Mountford bap.
Sep. 21. Martha, d. of Richard and Margarette Everall bap.

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