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fishing. A juvenile actor with Pathe in 1910,
then film editor with Educational in 1920, con-
tinuing as such until 1925. Started directing
comedies for Educational in 1925 - and created
the character of Big Boy in his first starring
juvenile comedy. Directed for Fox one year
(1926-27), returning to Educational in 1927 ;
now with Educational, his latest release being
“Hold That Monkey,” a Mermaid comedy.
WOOD, SAM: b, Philadelphia, Pa., July 10,
1883 ; h, 6 feet ; brown hair and eyes; w, 170
pounds; p, Katherin Corn and William H.
Wood, non-professionals; e, M. Hall Stanton
school, Philadelphia. Pa., and has had some
stage training; m, Clara L. Roush, non-pro-
fessional ; hy, football, rowing and bridge. Di-
rected Wallace Reid in “Double Speed,” “Ex-
cuse My Dust,” "What’s Your Hurry?,” “Sick
Abed” and “The Dancin’ Fool Wanda Haw-
ley in "Her First Elopement,” “The Snob” and
“The Beloved Villain ;” Ethel Clayton in “The
City Sparrow;” Jackie Coogan in "Peck’s Bad
Boy ;” Gloria Swanson in “The Great Moment,"
“Under the Lash,” "Her Husband’s Trademark,”
“The Gilded Cage,” "My American Wife,” "The
Prodigal Daughter,” “Bluebird’s Eighth Wife,”
“Beyond the Rocks" and “Don’t Tell Every-
thing.” Also directed an all star cast in "His
Children’s Children,” “The Next Corner Bluff
Harold Bell Wright’s “Mine with the Iron
Door,” “The Recreation of Brian Kent as
well as the Paramount School novices in “Fas-
cinating Youth Red Grange in “One Minute
to Play Karl Dane and George K. Arthur in
“Rookies Marion Davies in “The Fair Co-
Ed Norma Shearer in “The Latest from
Paris,” and William Haines in “Telling the
AHEARN, THOMAS J.: b, Dallas. Tex., Feb-
ruary 23, 1904 ; h. 5 feet 10 inches; reddish
brown hair and light grey eyes; w, 170 pounds;
p, Mrs. E. Ahearn, of Dallas Tex., father (de-
ceased), non-professionals ; e. Dallas Academy,
University of Dallas, Notre Dame and Yale 47
Workshop; received his stage training in Yale
47 Workshop and in Poli stock in New Haven.
Conn. ; not married; hy, tennis and handball.
Stage experience in stock; and six months
writing originals for Paramount, also sound
ANDERSON, DORIS: b, Chico, Cal., Novem-
ber 14; h, 5 feet 8 inches; brown hair and
eyes ; w, 135 pounds ; e, Oakland High school
and the University of California ; not married ;
hy, writing. Has written scenarios on “Her
Honor the Governor” in 1926 ; “Afraid to Love,"
“Kiss In a Taxi,” “World at Her Feet,”
“Hula.” “Ain’t Love Funny?” and “Ten Mod-
ern Commandments” in 1927. Her recent work
includes “Wolf of Wall Street” and “Three
ARTHUR, JULIAN: r. n., Arthur Julian
Zellner, b, Memphis, Tenn., December 2; h.
4 feet 6% inches ; brown hair and eyes ; w, 150
pounds ; p, Anna and David Zellner, non-profes-
sionals; e, Linden High school, Memphis, and
Louisiana State University. Baton Rouge, La. ;
m. Helen Lovett, non-professional ; hy, radio
and experimental mechanics. Writer of many
screen originals and adaptations. Editor Eastern
Metro Studio; editor Old American at Santa
Barbara ; New York representative for the past
five years of Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pick-
ford. Now publicity director at studio.
BAKER, C. GRAHAM: b, Evansville, Ind.,
July 16 ; h, 5 feet 6 inches ; reddish-brown hair
and blue eyes; w, 150 pounds; e. Boys High
school, Brooklyn ; m, non-professional ; hy, ten-
nis. No stage experience. Screen experience
as writer and director. Did scenarios for
“The Little Minister" in 1925 ; “Broken Hearts
of Hollywood,” "My Official Wife,” “Million-
aires” and “Just Suppose” in 1926; “Finger
Prints,” “White Flannels,” “Irish Hearts,” “Girl
from Chicago,” “Slightly Used,” "Husbands for
Rent,” “Third Degree,” "Matinee Ladies” and
"Heart of Maryland” in 1927 ; and “The Sing-
ing Fool,” “Conquest,” “Alimony Annie,” “She
Knew Men,” "Fancy Baggage” and "The Air
Circus” in 1928.
BALDWIN, EARL: b, Newark, N. J., Janu-
ary 11, 1903 ; h, 5 feet 11 inches; brown hair
and eyes; w, 140 pounds, p. Ella M. and Edward
J. Baldwin, non-professionals ; e, West Orange,
N. J., high school and the Ameriacn Institute
of Banking in New York City; m, Mildred C.
Lamb, professional—one of the Lamb Sisters ;
hy, watching musical comedies from first row.
golf, football and poker. Has written 32 musi-
cal comedy tabs, numerous revues and sketches ;
wrote the book of “Hollywood Music Box Re-
vue,” starring Lupino Lane; acted as play re-
viewer for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer on Broadway
for two years ; gagged most of Metro-Goldwyn-
Mayer’s comedies for the past five years ; wrote
screen play and continuity for “Brotherly Love,”
starring Karl Dane and George K. Arthur.
111., April 13, 1897 ; h, 6 feet; brown hair and
hazel eyes; w, 180 pounds; p, Grace Duffie
Boylan, novelist; e, by tutor and in Bermuda ;
m. Josephine Boylan, newspaper woman : hy,
polo, golf and book collecting. Has been news-
paper man. publicity director and title writer.
Now editorial supervisor for Fox. Titled
“What Price Glory” and 70 other big produc-
tions for Fox. Is under three year contract.
BUFFINGTON. ADELE: b, St. Louis, Mo.,
February 12, 1900 ; h, 5 feet 6 inches ; brown
hair and eyes; w, 145 pounds; p, Marie E.
Frederick and Adolph Durgdorfer, non-profes-
sionals; e. public schools in St. Louis, Mo. ; no
stage training; m, Edward Vore, non-profes-
sional ; hy, tennis. Wrote “Free to Love” and
“That Man Jack” in 1925 ; "The Lawful Cheat-
ers,” “The Galloping Cowboy” and “The Test
of Donald Norton” in 1926 ; “Broadway After
Midnight” and “Eager Lips” in 1927 ; and in
1928, "Times Square,” “Something to Love”
for Gotham ; “The River Woman” ; "The Phan-
tom City” for First National ; “Petticoats and
Cactus” for Fox : and "Coney Island” and
“Dancing Hoofs" for R K O.
CLARK J. AUBREY: b. Buffalo. N. Y.. Sep-
tember 5. 1903 ; h, 5 feet 7% inches ; black hair
and brown eyes; w, 125 pounds; p. Ruth I.
and James A. Clark, non-professionals ; e.
Hutchinson high school. Buffalo, N. Y., and
Middlebury college, Middlebury, Vt., received
stage training in Yale 47 Workshop under
George Pierce Baker; hy, reading. S age ex-
perience gathered in bits in stock with Garry
McGarry Players in Buffalo, N. Y. ; Court Street
Players, Buffalo, N. Y.. and Poli Players in
New Haven. Conn. Screen experience consists
of six months with the scenario department of
Paramount writing original stories and dia-
COLDEWAY, ANTHONY: b. Louisville. Ky..
1887 ; h. 6 feet ; grey hair and eyes; w. 150
pounds ; p. Mary Weller and William G. Colde-
way ; e. Kenyon Military Academy and Ken-
yon college; m, non-professional. Fifteen years’
screen experience as a writer and now editor
at Warner Brothers Studio. Current pictures,
adaptation and continuity, are “Noah’s Ark."
“Glorious Betsy” and “Women They Talk
Brooklyn. N. Y.. July 10, 1896; h, 5 feet 10%
inches ; brown hair and eyes; w, 155 pounds ;
p. Mary Connolly and Harry Conselman, pro-
fessionals ; m, Mina Rambo, non-professional ;
hy, collecting modern first editions and tennis.
On the stage in "Mother Goose,” Klaw and
Erlanger production, for one year (1904-5). He
is aulhor of “Dressed to Kill” (Fox). “High
School Hero” (Fox), "Prep and Pep" (Fox).
"Why Sailors Go Wrong" (Fox), "Pajamas”
(Fox) and "News Parade" (Fox): “Way of the
Strong” (Columbia) and “Ella Cinders” (First
National). Also supervised "Dressed to Kill"
(Fox), "High School Hero” (Fox), "Prep and
Pep” (Fox), “Why Sailors Go Wrong” (Fox),
“Pajamas” (Fox), “Silk Legs” (Fox), “Chicken
a la King” (Fox), "Making the Grade” (Fox),
“Farmer’s Daughter” (Fox), “Plastered in
Paris” (Fox). “Win That Girl” (Fox) and
“Listen Baby” (Pathe). Adaptor for "Listen
Baby” I Pathe) and "Slaves of Beauty” (Fox).
Wrote titles for "La Boheme” (Metro-Goldwyn-
Mayer). "Into Her Kingdom” (First National),
"Exchange of Wives” (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer).
"Ankles Preferred” (Fox), “Rich But Honest”
(Fox), “War Horse” (Fox). "Secret Studio”
(Fox), and “Canyon of Light” (Fox). Also the
author of the prize play “And Then What?”
produced in San Diego, September, 1923, as well
as creator of the comic 6trips “Ella Cinders”
and "Good Time Guy.”
CUMMINS, DWIGHT W.: b. San Francisco.
Cal., February 23 ; h, 5 feet 10% inches ; black
hair and blue prey eyes; w, 135 pounds ; p.
Jessie and Harold Wirt Cummins, e, San Fran-
cisco High school ; private school in Sierras
and a graduate of the University of California,
Southern branch ; m, Dorothy Yost, scenarist;
hy, boating and fishing. Has written the
scenarios for "New Year’s Eve,” "The River”
and “False Colors” for Fox.
DARLING, W. SCOTT: b, Toronto. Ontario.
Canada; e, in Toronto High school. Dollar
academy, Edinburgh, Scotland, and has had
training at newspaper work ; m, non-profes-
sional ; hy, raising Scotch terriers. The city
editor of "Winnipeg Telegram" and “Buffalo
Inquirer” and collaborated with James Oliver
Curwood for three years. Has written short
fiction stories for various current magazines ;
started in pictures in 1918 as writer for
Christie; then became scenario editor there for
three years; later comedy supervisor for Uni-
versal (three years), and has directed 18 pic-
tures for Universal and Christie as well as
writing. Wrote first “Van Bibber” comedies
for Fox ; also wrote “Two Fisted Jones” in
1925, “On Ze Boulevard,” "Topsy and Eva” and
“Yours to Command” in 1927, and “The
Leatherneck" series, which established Reginald
DIGGS. JR., RICHARD H.: b, Riderwood,
Md., October 18, 1903; h, 5 feet 9% inches;
blonde hair and brown eyes ; w, 142 pounds ; p,
Mary King and Richard H. Diggs; e, Gilman
Country school and Yale University; received
slage training at the Yale 47 Workshop in New
Haven, Conn. ; hy, foreign affairs and travel.
Stage experience at the Little theatre, New
Haven, and Yale 47 Workshop. Also a mem-
ber of the Yale Group of writers in the 47
Workshop brought to the West Coast studios
of the Paramount Famous Lasky in September,
1928. Now writing originals and dialogue se-
quences on the Paramount lot.
DOHERTY. ETHEL: b. Los Angeles. Cal.;
h, 5 feet 4 inches; brown hair and blue eyes;
w, 120 pounds; p. Sarah Amsden and Dr. Al-
fred A. Doherty, non-professionals; e, Nogales,
Ariz., High school and Tempe Normal school,
U. S. C., and the University of California,
Berkeley ; not married. Was scenarist for “The
Vanishing American” in 1925 ; “Behind the
Front.” "The Runaway,” “Stranded in Paris”
and "Mantrap” in 1926 ; “Hula,” “Honeymoon
Hate,” “Figures Don’t Lie,” “Rough House
Rosie,” “Ten Modern Commandments,” “The
Showdown.” “The Fifty-Fifty Girl,” “Take Me
Home.” "Manhattan Cocktail” and “His Private
Life” in 1927 ; and in 1928. "Marquis Preferred.”
Also doing scenario for “Innocence of Paris”
early this year.
DOTY, DOUGLAS: b. New York City; h. 5
feet 9 inches : w, 145 pounds ; e, Columbia uni-
versity ; m. Gladys Maclaghlan of San Diego,
professional, directress of dancing at Deni-
shawn ; hy, gardening. Screen experience as
writer of "With This Ring,” "The King on
Main Street,” "The Great Sensation,” "The
Wedding Song,” "The Danger Signal.” "The
Wife of the Centaur” and “Fighting the
Flames” in 1925 ; "The Unchastened Woman,”
“Man Bait." "Red Dice” and “Young April” in
1926 ; “Fighting Eagle,” “Dress Parade,” “Van-
ity" ami “Nobody’s Widow” in 1927 ; and in
1928. "Dry Martini.” "Romance of the Under-
world." "The Veiled Lady” (not released yet)
and "King of Rhyher Rifles” for Fox.
EARLY, DUDLEY: b. Paris. Tex., January
18. 1903 ; h, 5 feet 9% inches ; dark brown hair
and grey eyes ; p, W. L. Early, non-profes-
sional : e. Waco, Tex., high school and Texas
A. and M. college. Bryan. Tex. Screen experi-
ence of five years consists of writing mostly.
Is now writing for the screen in all its
branches, including dialogue for United Artists.
Also, assistant to John W. Considine, Jr., gen-
eral production manager.

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