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THE IRISH LAW TIMES I July 4, COUBT PAPEES. LANDED ESTATES’ COUKT. Sittings for next Week so far as same are appointed. Before the Hon. Judge Flanagan. MON DA Y. In Chamber.—J. Merrick, confirm sale. — William Moorehead, allocation.—D. J. Cruice, examine delay. In Coobt.—H. M‘Adana, judgment.—M. 0‘Connor, re- entry final schedule.—H. H.. Jones, do.—W. Carroll, payment.—J. L. Mason, final schedule.—R. H. Graves, compensation.—R. Seallan, from 30th.—Anne Reynolds, absolute credit. Before Examinbb (Mr. Dobbe). S. Craig, proofs. Before Examinee (Mr. M‘Donnell). J, Thornton, vouch.—Rev. E. Richards, do.—J. Lemass, do.—A. Beatty, do.—Right Hon. W. C. F. Temple, do.— A. Sotheran, ditto. TUESDA Y. In Codbt.—J. Gaggin, final schedule.—W. Elliott, do.— A. P. Stewart, do.—W. Acton, do.—Sir H. V. Goold, do.— Trustees Wilberforce, do.—William M*Cormick, do.—F. R. Phayre, do.—Executor Mullins, do.—Assignees Lead* better, do.—Church Commissioners, do.—E. S. Nicholson, do.—D. Davenport, payment.—F. P. Rowley, do.—A. M. E. O'Brien, from 2nd. WSDNESDA Y. IN Chamber,—Elliott and Patton, oonfirm Bale. 1 In Coubt.—M. Dooley, final schedule.—E. R. Mahony, do.—G. Gaynor, do.—R. Bl&ckhall, do.—E. A. Greene, do.—M. Gage, do.—*M. M‘Manus, do.—J. A. Gandon, do.— Trustees Hutton, do.—Trustees Jones, do.—Jane Belling- ham, do.—A. Wamock, do.—Same, compensation.—J. P. Carleton, from 2nd.—T. Bell, re-entry final schedule. Before Examinee (Mr. M‘Donnell). James Anthony, rental.—Trustees Butcher, do.—D. J. O’Connor, do.—J. E. E. Dooley, do.—Rev. T. Townsend, do.—Right Hon. W. C. F. Temple, to re settle a lot. Before Examinbb (Mr. Dobbs). J. Smith and another, rental. THURSDA Y. In Chambeb.—W. N. Comyn and others, proposal. In Coubt.—D. J. Bingham, re-entry final schedule.— Sir H. Bruoe, order for re-sale. FRIDA Y. Before Examines (Mr. M‘Donnell). A. J. B. Bourke, rental.—G. K. Browne, do.—Rev. W. Gorman, do.—H. E. Jones, do.—J. M. Domville, do.— Owen Wynne, ditto. COURT OF BANKRUPTCY. SITTINGS FOR NEXT WEEK, ao far as appointed. MONDA Y. Before the Chief Registbab, at 12 o’clock. BANKBUFTS NATUBE OF BITTING 80L10IT0B Sylvester Wallace S. Law and Son G. and R. Ferguson John O'Donnell Walter O’Donnell Prove debts and vouch do do do Title, conditions, and posting Molloy $ Watson Beauchamp Larkin <f Co. Hamilton d Craig Maxwell q Weldon TUESDA Y. Before the Coubt, at 11 o’clock. John Farrell William Cannon John Kennedy Alexander Baillie Mary Anne Boy ton James Murray Mary Leahy John Callaghan Patrick O’Shea Mary Dolan Michael Ryan Francis Keegan 1st public sitting do 'do Final examination do do do do do do do do Examine witnesses Prove charge of Na- tional Bank Prove charge Audit and dividend do do do Motion Audit assignee's acct. Larkin 4 Co. Rynd Roe Wallace <f Co. Oldham <f Eaton Hamilton $ Craig Larkin $ Co. Mathews Oldham <f Eaton Hardman § Son Kavanagh Boughey Hamilton $ Craig Larkin tjo. Malcomson Scnllan Maxwtllè Weldon Perry Co. Ferri/ § Co. Cronhtlm Tobias Tincler cf Son Thomas Coppinger William Holmes John Kirwan Patrick Hanlon John H. Sweet John M'Hugh Robert Grogan Hugh C. Walsh George Deacon Before the Chief Registbab, at 12 o’clock. W. and S. Law Patrick Nolan Philip Brown Nash and Harty Dublin Cattle Mar- ket Co. John Nulan James Fortune Catherine Kennedy Costa Reference Prove debts and vouch Cost8 do Reference order of 19th May Costs do Beauchamp Stephens Forsythe XobleU (f Son D. <f T. Fitzgerald Orpen $ Sweeny Lett Lett WEDNESDA Y. Before the Chief Registbab, at 12 o'clock. Hqgh C. Walsh Prove debts and vouch Beauchamp TBURSDA Y. Before the Chief Registbab, at 12 o’clock. Peter Miller O'Reardon and Murphy Prove debts and vouch Vouch account Oldham â Eaton Larkin q Co. FRIDA Y. Before the Court, at 11 o'clock. Walton and Nolan John M‘Crory Patrick Roche James M‘Aleenan Samuel Hood Timothy Bnckley John Lancashire M. Bradshaw Thomas Bailey Arthur G. Hay Same matter Maurice Cassidy Nash and Harty 1st composition sitting 1st public sitting do do Final examination do Leachman FottreU $ Son T*tt Molloy <f Watson Perry $ Co. Seal tan do do do do 1st composition sitting Audit assignee’s acct. do Perry Q Co. Larkm Co. Scalian Mathews Mathews Fay MtGougk Nobktt <f Son Before the Chief Registbab, at 12 o’clock. Archibald Meikle Wm. Walker and John Trevor William Cresswell Joseph Cresswell Costs Prove debts Costs do MoUoy t Watson Perry 4 Co. Lett Lett ADJUDICATIONS IN BANKRUPTCY. Courtney, Robert^ Dundrum, builder. Sittings, Tuesday^ 21, and Friday. August 7. Goff, Bolr. Creswell, William, Ram el ton, Donegal, fanner. Sitting*, Friday, July 24, and Tuesday, August 11. Mather solr. Kelly, John, Rathfragan, Fintona, county Tyrona. Sittings, Tuesdayy July 21, and Friday, August 7. Beauchamp, solr. Digitized by

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