The History of Standon: Parish, Manour and Church


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254 HISTORY OF STANDON. Anno 1729. (b) Andrew Martin. (b) Joan, wife of Edward Adderley. (c) John, son of Robert and Alice Gregory# (e) Sarah, daughter of William and Hannah Hall. (b) John Ford. (b) Stephen Forrest, at Meare. (b) Anne, wife of Mr. Williams Roberts of Walford. (b) Mary Key, sister of William Key of Weston. (c) Ellen, daughter of Peter and Mary Read. (w) William Bayley of Shelton and Mary Blower of Stoke, (b) John Thorley. (w) William Powner of Trentham and Mary Colley of Beech. (b) John Peake. (b) Mary, daughter of William and Mary Smith. (b) William Gardiner. (b) Margaret Ford. (b) John Ford. (b) Mary Heath. (b) William Heath. (b) William Key of Aspley. (b) Eliza Meat. (c) Eliza, daughter of John and Mary Gregory. (c) Jane, daughter of William and Ann Bedson. (b) Mary, daughter of John and Mary Yates of Eccleshall. The Revd. William Jervis, rector of Standon and Swinerton, and prebend of Cloughton, alias Ufton, in the county of Warwick, and in Commission of the Peace for the county of Stafford, died at Standon, Oct. 26th, and was buried in the Lord’s Chancel at Cheswardine, Oct. 29th, 1729, in the 86th year of his age. Was eldest son of Henry Jervis of the Hill, in Cheswardine parish, and Ffrances his wife, who N.B.—(o) signifies christened, (b) buried, (w) wedded.

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