The Forester, Lake Forest University, 1902


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Chicago College of Dental Surgery HIS branch of Lake Forest University, situated in Chicago, at the corner of Wood and Harrison streets, although one of the youngest, is also one of the strongest departments of the University. Under the supervision of a faculty of three professors and eight lecturers, the first regular course of instruction to students opened on March 12, 1883, continuing twenty weeks. At its origin, this insti- tution, known as the Collegiate Department of the Chicago Dental Infirmary, was a post graduate school, receiving only those as matriculates who had previously won the degree of M.D. But owing to the scarcity of such men desiring to take a course in den- tistry, the close of the second season found the course suitably changed, and the name altered to the Chicago College of Dental Surgery. In 1890 it became one of the professional departments of Lake Forest, and under the guidance of its efficient Dean, Dr. Truman W. Brophy, it has developed into one of the largest dental colleges in existence, with excellent equipment for the study of dentistry in all its phases. 203

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