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The Annual Monitor For 1856, Obituary of the Members of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland For the Year 1855


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Candia Cadbury, 49 3mo. 5 1855
Birmingham, wife of John Cadbury.
Ann Eliza Candler, 31 lmo. 27 1855
Stole Newington, wife of John WagstafFe
Jasper Capper, 68 2mo. 1 1855
Stoke Newington.
His last illness was of a very painful charac-
ter, which he was enabled to bear with great
patience, and Christian resignation, and through
repentance toward God and faith in his Saviour,
his end was peace.
Jane Carr, Carlisle, 73 2mo, 8 1855
widow of Jonathan Carr.
Thomas Chapman, 63 3mo. 31 1855
Greenacres Sill, Oldham
Anna Christmas, JEarith, 55 12mo. 14 1854
Allen Francis Clayton, 48 6mo. 26 1855
Sarah Clibborn, Moate 58 4mo. 8 1855
Elizabeth Coleby, Ipswich 59 9mo. 18 1855
Alice Coles, 68 lmo. 28 1855
Adderlury East, wife of Samuel Coles.
Henry Compton, 67 lmo. 19 1855
Spitaljields, London.
William Coning, 22 llmo. 15 1854
Stockton-upon-Tees, son of Joseph Coning.

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