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The annals of Albany (Volume 2)


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The City Records.
agree and conclude y* the sd 2pr. ct., shall continue for ye
ensuing year, and yl our representatives, Majr Wessels,
K. V. Rensselaer and Ryer Schermerhoorn shall propose it
in ye assembly.
March 12th, 169^.—Whereas complaints are made yl ye
streets of Albany are found so unfitt yl is most unable for
any person to use them, it is therefore found very requisite
by ye mayor, aldermen and common councill, jx every house-
holder shall make or cause to be made, eight foot ground
before his own house fronting to ye streets, paved with stones
as formerly; and it is also ordred yl Claes Ripse van Dam
and J. Gow yl they shall be overseers, yl ye sd streets may
be orderly laid, and yl between this and ye first of June,
upon pain and penalty for every week after yl time six shil-
ling from each person.
March 29th, 1695.—Whereas Coll. Richd Ingoldesby
has ordered Mr. Mayor to quarter Leift Shanks in town,
whereto Mr. Mayor could not resolve, being he was an offi-
cer belonging to her majs garison in ye fort, whereupon
Mr. Mayor calls ye common councill for there advice, and
replyes to them yl ye Coll. will not releve ye town before ye
Leift Shanks is quartered in town. Whereupon yc common
councill think it is a hardship to keep sd granadeers in town,
but will rather quaerter sd Shanks till they make there adress
to his excellency for releve.
April 30th, 1695.— Whereas John Cuyler and Joh8
Roseboom, deakons of ye Doutch congregation of Albany,
makes there adresse to ye mayor and aldermen that it might
be granted them, that Majr Pr. Schuyler and Domini, might
convine together concerning a certain transport given by y®
sd Majr Schuyler late mayor, unto ye late deakons of ye said
Doutch congregation, upon a water run commonly known by
ye Bevr creek; whereupon ye mayor and aldermen grants
yl sc1 Majr Schuyler and Domini Dellius shall meet in ye
afternoon to give a right information concerning sd transport.
Whereas there is new stockadoes ride this last winter for
ye reparation of this citty of Albany, but ye weather haveing
been so uncertain and still so continues, and also ye high

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11 Jan 2012
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Vol. 2 is 2nd edition, 1870 26

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Munsell, Joel, 1808-1880

Albany : J. Munsell