The annals of Albany (Volume 2)


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The City Records. 249 Ordered by ye court that Richard Pretty shall be allowed for the lodgeing of Captain Benj. Phipps, and other needfull necessaries which he had of him to the somme of one pound two shillings, for which note is given upon ye treasurer, John Becker. Coll. Richard Ingoldesby, commander of this place, and Maj. Peter Schuylerr one of ye councill, doth produce an order of councill, dated the first instant, whereby they are directed to cause all speedy preparations be made for the fitting of ye fort of Albany with new stockadoes, for which an agreement is made by Robert Livingston in behalfe of this citty and county and ye councill, for the charge thereof, viz1 £105, and desyres the work may be done with all ex- pedition imaginable. Ordered that letters be writt to the justices of ye county to appear next Saturday, being ye 16th instant, about 8 o’clock, to consult about ye said matter, and to have it effected before winter if possible. Sept. 20.—The justices being convened together to con- sult what proportion of new stockadoes to ride for the fitting of the fort of Albany, for which the governor and councill allows the citty and county ye somme of £105, which somme is to be disposed as follows, viz1. £90 to his excell, for ye penny of the pound to be levyed by this citty and county for a free and voluntary gift according to the act of assembly : the other £15 to be divided among those that ride the stocka- does, which is for ye 560 to be employed for said use, 6^d. a piece. There is wanting to fill the fort with new stock- does 560, viz1., 250 of 20 foot, and 310 of 19 foot. It is concluded that the city doe ride for there proportion ye quantity of Att a Meeting &c., Sept. 12, 1693. Rensselaers colony,.. Scliennechtady, Kinderhook,............. Catskill & Coxhachy, Caverack,......... 200 vizt. 90 of 20ft. and 110 of 19 ft. 100 45 55 90 40 50 55 50 47 31 16 ... 85 38 ... 55 24 ... 30 14

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Vol. 2 is 2nd edition, 1870 26

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Munsell, Joel, 1808-1880

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