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The annals of Albany (Volume 2)


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The - City Records.
Att a Court of Mayor &c., Oct. 14, 1687.
The returns of ye aldermen for ye 3 respective wards, for
choosing of new ones being made, and for ye first ward are
chosen Hend. Cuyler, Johannes Wendel; for ye 2d ward
Levinus Van Schaick, Jan Jans Bleeker; for ye 3d ward
David Schuyler, Alb1 Ryckman. And for ye common
councill men are choose for ye first ward Reynier Barents,
Jacob Staas, for ye 2d warde Johannes Cuyler, Wm Claese,
for ye 3d warde Garrit Yan Nesse, Ger1 Ryerse; and were
sworne in there respective offices accordingly, except Capt.
Wendel and Capt. Bleeker.
By the court of Mayor and Aldermen of ye citty of Albany
Whereas ye selling of drink at unreasonable hours at night
is founde inconvenient especialy at this juncture of time, ye
court doe therefore hereby strictly charge and command yl
none of ye inhabitants of this city or county thereof doe
presume to sell any strong drink, beer, syder or other liquor
to any person whatever after ye Taptoo upon ye penalty of
forfeiting ye somme of tenn shillings every person y* shall
be found drinkeing in ye house, and if any citizen or in-
habitant of this citty doe presume to suffer people to
drink in their houses any drink fetched from ye tavern or
any other places, ye master of yl house shall pay for every
person yt he shall so admitt to drinke in his house after
ye Taptoo aforesaid, ye somme of six shillings courant
money of this province.
And whereas divers persons were warned last year to
ride a load of fyrewood to ye watch house, have been
negligent in doing ye same; all persons are hereby warned
yl have not brought ye load of wood accordingly, yt they
bring or cause to bring ye same to ye guardhouse in ye
space of 8 days, else it shall be brought from there yards
upon there cost and charge and moreover pay a fine of 2s,
and if there be no wood in there yards a load of wood shall
be brought upon there charge and brought to ye garde.
Dated in Albany ye 17th day of Oct. 1687.
Robert Livingston.

About This Document

11 Jan 2012
Total pages:
Vol. 2 is 2nd edition, 1870 26

Document Source

Munsell, Joel, 1808-1880

Albany : J. Munsell