Sketch of the History of Attleborough: From Its Settlement to the Present Time


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lots for the new division. They had increased at this time to
133 in number.
In the year 1694 the inhabitants of the North Purchase
were incoiporated into a township by an Act of the General
Court of Massachusetts. *
The following is the Act of Incorporation»
AN ACT for granting a township within the County of Bris-
tol to be called Attleborough.
Whereas there is a certain tract of land commonly known
by the name of North Purchase, lying within the County of
Bristol, containing in length about ten miles from Patucket
River to the bounds of Taunton, f and extending about eight
miles in breadth from the line or boundary betwixt the two
late Colonies of Massachusetts and Plymouth, to the bounds of
the town of Rehoboth; being a convenient tract for a town-
ship, and more than thirty families already settled thereupon ;
For the better encouragement and settlement of said Planta-
tion :
Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Representa-
tives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the
same, That henceforth the said tract of land as above de-
scribed, and bounded by the township of Taunton and Reho-
both, (no way to intrench upon either of their rights) be and
shall be a township, and called by the name of Attleborough ;
and shall have and enjoy all such immunities, privileges, and
powers, as generally other townships within this Province have
and do enjoy.
* Previous to this the N. Purchase was within the jurist! iction, but not
within the chartered limits of Rehoboth. The inhabitants were subjected
to the municipal authority, and had all the rights of freemen of that town.
It was, properly, a plantation of Rehoboth. It was ordered by Plymouth
Court to be within the jurisdiction of that town until it should be incorpo-
rated July 5th 1671. ‘The Court have ordered that the North Purchase
(so called) shall lie unto the town of Rehoboth, until it comes to be a
township; and in the mean time to bear the seventh part of all the rates
that shall be levied for the public charges of that town ; and when the said
Purchase shall become a Township by itself, then the said township of Re*
boboth to be eased in their rates.’—Old Col. Records.
+ Taunton North Purchase.

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