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US National Archives, Korean Casualty, National Military Personnel Records Index, Feb 13, 1950–Dec 31, 1953

Birth Year
Death Date
First Name
Home County
Home State
Last Name
Middle Initial
Pay Grade
Private First Class
Record ID
Service Branch
U.s. Army
Service Number
Type of Casualty
Killed By Hostile
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About this index

US National Archives, Korean Casualty, National Military Personnel Records Index, Feb 13, 1950–Dec 31, 1953

This database is from The National Archives, and originally entitled Korean War Casualty File, 2/13/1950-12/31/1953. The descriptive information here is adapted from the United States of America National Archives website. More information about the database may be available there.

These records contain an index of Korean War casualties from the United States. Each entry includes the following, when available: name, service prefix and number, grade, branch of the Army, place of casualty, date of casualty, state and county of residence, type of casualty, detail/previous casualty type, casualty group, place/date of disposition, year of birth (for fatal casualties only), military occupational specialty, organization troop program sequence number, element sequence, unit number, race, component, and disposition of evacuations. These records are unrestricted.

Military records are diverse, including service lists, personal accounts, volunteer service, and more. There are records for those who served for a short time and for their entire career, those who died while on active duty, and those who received military benefits after their retirement. Not only can military records provide information about an individual ancestor, they can also provide information about an ancestor’s family. Spouses, children, parents, and siblings at home may have applied for a military pension based on a deceased family member’s service in Korea. You may be able to access that information easier than you can other resources.

The archive can be reached at the following:

The National Archives and Records Administration
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, Maryland 20740-6001


To find out more information about this database, please visit The National Archives.

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"US National Archives, Korean Casualty, National Military Personnel Records Index, Feb 13, 1950 - Dec 31, 1953" database online at (Boulder, CO: 2013). Original Data: "Korean War Casualty File, 2/13/1950-12/31/1953"; US National Archives; Record Group 407.
Published on Mocavo:
October 9th, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

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