Notes of Post Mortem Inquisitions Taken in Sussex. 1 Henry VII, to 1649 and After. Abstracted and Translated by F.W.T. Attree


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James Langford. Vol. 394, No. 3.
Petworth, 27 March 20 James. Died 12 Aug. 1612.
Heir, daughter Mary, aged 8 years and more.
Lands.—Messuage and land called “ Sharpes ” in West Grinstead.
John Langrish or Langridge, gent. Vol. 439, No. 16, and
Vol. 452, No. 15.
Shoreham, 29 July 4 Charles. Died 22 Jan. last.
Coheirs, daughters Mary Langrish, aged 10 years, and Elizabeth L.,
aged 9 years.
Lands.—Manor of St. Cleres alias Clares in Westborne, and land
in W., and land in Dunnington.
Arthur Langworth, esq. Vol. 292, No. 168.
E. G., 15 April 4 James. Died 19 Eeb. last at Blackfriars, London.
Heir, son John, aged 30 and more.
Lands.—Capital messuage, etc., called “ the Broyle Place ” in
Bingmsr, and lands in Laughton and Little Horsted, by deed 3 Feb.
35 Eliz. settled ou himself for life and after on John Langworth and a
certain Mary Challoner, whom said John intended to marry, and if
Arthur and John should die before said Mary, then to Mary for
John Langworth, esq. Vol. 328, No. 161.
E. Gr., 30 Oct. 10 James. Died 2 Sept. last at Lindfield.
Heir, son Thomas, aged 8 years 3 months 2 . . days.
Lands.—Arthur Langworth, esq., his father, was seized of “Broyle
Place ” in Bingmer and Laughton and other lands in Laughton, and
on 26 Jan. 35 Eliz. settled first to marriage of J. L. and Mary,
daughter of Thos. Chaloner of Lindfield, esq., remainder to Bichard,
2nd son of said Arthur, remainder to Arthur, remainder to Adam,
brother of said Arthur. On 6 Aug. 36 Eliz. James Thatcher, esq.,
settled manor of Goate alias Gotts in Bingmer and Glynde on J. L.
and Mary his wife and their heirs. They had issue Thomas L.,
Johan L., and 9 other sons and daughters, and Mary died. J. L.
remarried Barbara . . . and made will; mentions son John.
John Langworth, S.T.P. Yol. 346, No. 179.
E. G., 6 (?) Aug. 12 James. Died 8 Jan. 11 James.
Heir, son Thomas, aged 2 . . years and more.
Lands in Buxsted, Erlington, “ Bedforlongs ” in ....(?), “ Stock-
bridge,” “ le Hyes,” and other lands in Bipe alias Eckington, manor
of Sounting Peverell, manor of Owborne alias Woborne in Buxsted,

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