Military History of Wayne County, N.Y. : Military Register. Wayne County in the Civil War, 1861-1865


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P^T P'^T CHAPTER I. XNTRODUCTORY— FORMATION OP THE COUNTY — COUNTY OFFICERS AND THE BAR OF WAYNE COUNTY, 1823 — OFFICERS TO THE PRESENT TIME — TOWNS — FIRST MEETINGS — SUPERVISORS DOWN TO THE PRESENT TIME. HE earliest county organization extended over Western New York was that of Albany. This was one of the original twelve counties into which the province of New York was divided by an act of the Colonial Legislature, passed November i, 1683. Albany was then described as comprising “ the manor of “ Rensselaerwyck, Schenectady, and all the villages, neigh- borhoods and Christian plantations on the east side of “ Hudson’s river, from Roeloffe Jansen’s creek, and on the “ west side from Sawyer’s creek to the outermost end of “ Saraghtoga.” This description can scarcely be said to include the terri- tory of Western New York, which was then an unknown land. It limited Albany county north and south, but left its western boundary indefinite. Subsequent statutes, how- ever, made Albany county to include the whole territory of the province westward; but no exercise of county authority under the name of Albany could have taken place upon the soil of Wayne. The next county organization in order was that of Montgomery (first called Tryon), which was formed from Albany, March 12, 1772, just before the opening of the Revolutionary war. All of Western New York was virtually included in Mont- gomery county for seventeen years. At the close of that period it had become necessary that actual civil authority should be exercised over this section of country.

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