Index of Archaeological Papers, 1665-1890


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INDEX OF ARCHÆOLOGICAL PAPERS 51 Beaufort (L. C.). An essay upon the state of architecture and anti- quities previous to the landing of the Anglo-Normans in Ireland. Royal Irish Acad. xv. 101-241. Beddoe (Dr. John). The anthropology of Lancashire. Journ. An- tlirop. Inst. i. appendix, xv.-xviii. ---------On the testimony of local phenomena in the west of England to the permanence of anthropological types. Memoirs of Anthrop. Soc. ii. 37-45. ---------On the ancient and modern ethnography of Scotland. Proc. Soc. Antiq. Scot. i. 243-257. ---------The anthropology of Gloucestershire. Bristol and Glouc. Arch. Soc. i. 111-114. ---------On certain crania disinterred at St. Werburgh’s church, Bristol. Bristol and Glouc. Arch. Soc. iii. 79-82. ---------Remarks on some skeletons found at Gloucester in 1881. Bristol and Glouc. Arch. Soc. vi. 349-352. ---------Remarks on a collection of skulls in a vault under the church of Micheldean. Bristol and Glouc. Arch. Soc. vi. 353-355. ---------On three skulls found near the London road, Gloucester. Bristol and Glouc. Arch. Soc. xi. 266-268. ---------On the methods of measuring the human body for ethno- logical purposes. Bristol Naturalist's Soc. iii. 23-25. ---------Remarks on the constructors of Stanton Drew circles, Maes Knoll camp, aud the Wansdyke. Clifton Antiquarian Club, i. 12-13. ---------The human remains from the Stoney Littleton barrow. Clifton Antiquarian Club, i. 104-108. ---------Ethnology of Somerset. Somerset Arch, and Nat. Hist. Soc. xix. 65-72. Bedford Purlieus, Roman remains at. Proc. Soc. Antiq. i. 152. Bedford (Duke of). On a Roman amphora found at Woburn abbey. Arch. xxv. 606-607. Bedford (Charles H.). Notice of the Fawsydes of that ilk. Soc. Antiq. Scot. xxiv. 370-378. -----------Notice of a bronze sword found on the estate of Waternish, Skye. Soc. Antiq. Scot. xxiii. 258-261. Bedingfield (J.), and J. R. Simpson. Notes on Eressingfield church. Suffolk Arch. Inst. iii. 321-330. Beecheno (E. R.). St. Andrew’s church, Norwich. Journ. Arch. Assoc, xxxvi. 405-408. Digitized by Microsoft®

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