History of the Town of Carver, Massachusetts : Historical Review, 1637-1910


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The subject of this paragraph, oldest child of
John and Polly Savery, was born in Carver, Oct.
26, 1815. He married Mary Page Van Schaack
of Albany, N. Y., and with the exception of twenty
years in New Jersey and New York their long
lives were spent in Carver where in 1850 Leyden
Cottage was built on the northerly shore of Samp-
sons pond.
Mr. Savery began his business career at an
early age being associated with his father in the
iron trade in Jersey City and New York. His
life was a busy one, and in addition to his foundry
business he was at one time engaged in the lumber
business being one of the first to utilize a portable
He also took an interest in public affairs and
held numerous positions of trust. As an illustra-
tion of his spirit he practiced medicine in his
earlier years enjoying quite an extensive practice
but always without compensation. He took a deep
interest in the schools and highways of his native
town adding materially to the town’s appropria-
tions for several years. One of Mr. Savery’s
most unique and lasting monuments is Savery’s
Avenue which he built and presented the town in
Son of David and Sarah was born in Carver,
Sept. 17, 1825. His early days were spent on his
father’s farm and when the foundry was built at
Wenham he became a furnaceman as moulder and

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