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History of the Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Taking Possession of California and Raising of the American Flag at Monterey, Cal.


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Fleet Surgeon Pacific Squadron, 1846.
Surgeon General U. S. Navy, 1869
This officer voluntarily undertook the perilous risk to enter Mexico and cross that country to learn the condi-
tion of affairs, and at Guadalajara first and afterwards at the City of Mexico, learned that war had actually com-
menced between the two countries ; and, but for the daring courage of this gallant officer, whose skill and adroit-
ness in sending the information to Commodore Sloat at Mazatlan, California would have been lost to the American
Union ; and instead of being one of the United States, would now be a British province.
Savs Commodore Sloat in his letter from New York, 20th March, 1855: “The information you furnished me at
Mazatlan from Guadalajara, (at the risk of your life,) was the only reliable information I received of that event,
and which induced me to proceed immediately to California, and upon my own responsibility to take possession of
that country, which I did on the 7th of July, 1846.”
Says I)r. Wood iu his account of the intelligence he learned at the City of Mexico: All this information I again
sent to the Commanding Officer of the Pacific Squadron, signing my letter by an easily understood hieroglyphic,
and sending it through the Mexican mail under cover to the subject of a neutral power ’’
Notr.—It was this last positive information sent by the way of Guadalajara, that warrauted Commodore Sloat
to act.—Edwin A. Sherman.

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