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HISTORY OF VIRGIKIA. 7 The same year Sir Richard Grenville with a party of men made a settlement on Roanoke Island, upon which Granganameo lived. They made several expeditions into the country, found new tribes of Indians, and met with many curious adventures. At one time they were nearly starved to death, but were saved by boiling two mastiff dogs with sassafras leaves, which they ate with great appetite. They ascertained some interesting facts about the religion of the savages. They believed that there were a great many gods, but one greater than all the rest, who had existed from eternity, and who made all things. They worshipped the sun, moon, and Btars as gods. They' believed that the soul would live for ever in hap- piness or misery. The English tried to teach them about the true God and the Bible. The simple crea- tures listened to them with interest, and taking the Holy Bible in their hands, kissed it reverently, held it to their breasts and stroked their bodies over with it. Once King Winginia being very sick, refused help from his own friends, and sent for the English to come and pray for him, that if he died he might live with their God in Heaven. Soon after this a circumstance occurred which increased their fear and reverence for the God of the English. Great sickness prevailed in many of their settlements, the nature of which we are not told ; but it so happened that the disease was most fatal in those places which were inclined to be unfriendly to the English, from which the simple creatures inferred that the God of the English was espousing their cause, and that they were actually destroying their enemies by their prayers to this great Being; and thus all the sur- rounding tribes hastened to claim the friendship of this powerful people of an all-powerful God.

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