History of Thomaston, Rockland, and South Thomaston, Maine, From Their First Exploration, 1605


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The territory to whose history the present work is particu-
larly devoted, constituting the original town of Thoinaston,
from which South Thomaston and Rockland have since been
separated, is most advantageously situated between the
western entrance of Pcnobscot Bay on the cast and St.
George’s River 011 the west, in the county of Knox, and State
of Maine. It lies, according to the observation of Dr. C. T.
Jackson, made in 1838 at the house of Hon. J. Rugglcs, in
43° 56' 12" North latitude, and according to Capt. G. Prince,*’
nearly in 69° 2' West longitude; containing about 20,950
acres of various but generally fertile soil. Its surface is
agreeably diversified; in some parts, gently undulating ; in
others, hilly and mountainous; and in yet others, especially
in South Thomaston, broken and rocky, exhibiting strong
marks of the ancient and long continued warfare, during the
geologic ages, between land and water, cliff and billow, in-
ternal heat and external glacier. Approached from the ocean,
the first object which attracts attention is Owl’s Head \ in
* This gentleman makes the latitude to be 44 cleg. 5 min 45 see. at the
residence of C. Prince, Esq , whilst Sullivan, in his Topographical descrip-
tion of Thomaston, 1794, puts it down as 44 deg. ‘20 min., and Holland, as
44 deg. 8 min.
t This name, so descriptive of the object, is said, by a writer in the
Belfast Republican Journal of Dec. 16, 1853, to have been iirst given by
Thos. Pownal, who was governor of the Province from 1757 to 1760; but
this could hardly be. as the name had obtained currency early in 1757 and
is mentioned that year in the journals of Capts. Freeman ana Remilly, as
will appear under that date. By others it is asserted that the name is of
Indian origin, and expressed in their language by a perfectly synonymous
word, Mecadacut.
Vol. I.

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