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History of Beaver Springs, Penna, and Centennial Souvenir Book. Published in Commemoration of the Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Founding of the Town. 1806-1906


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site (if Adamshurg or as it is now f allid Beaver Springs, from the fact of
the numerous excellent springs in and surrounding the place. The one
owned by L. R. Haines deserves especial mention because of it being an
exceptionally fine spring with pure refreshing water and is well worth
In the year 1S(Hi a town was laid out by Adam Reager, a native of
(¡ermany, near what then was called Beaver Dam, so named from the
fact that the cunning little animals of that name had built a largo dam
three-fourths or a mile above the mouth of Beaver run, now called Bea-
ver creek, in Penn’s township, Northumberland county. Mr. Reager
settled on the farm now owned by Samuel Sliirey, and the new town in
honor of Mr. Reager was called or named Reagerstown, and was known
by that name for many years; then was changed to the name of Adams-
burg. Adam Rtager was born Oct. 11, 1740, died March 17, lS2(», aged
Built in 1815 on the Site no-w Occupied by Christ Reformed Church. (Photo by O. M. Klose.)
i;7 years, 3 months and (> days. ('harlotte Reager, his wife, was born
Jan. 5ia, 17.55, died Sept. 17, l.SllO, aged 75 years, 7 months and 22 days.
Their bodies repose side by side in the old cemetery at this place. Of
their descendents there is nothing known as they have long since moved
from this section. Some of the early settlers of the place and vicinity we
find to have been the Reagers, Clicks, Aiglers, Oberdorfs, Swangers,
Dreeses, Rushos and others. Among the first dwellings in and near the
village were located as follows:
One on the farm owned by Reuben l>reese,now farmed by Jacob Fel-
ker, and was situated west of the present dwelling; it was a log house

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