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THE HISTORY — OF — AUGUSTA COUNTY CHAPTER I. ANCIENT LIMITS. The County of Augusta was ushered into existence the 12th year of the reign of George II., as one of the shires of the colony of Virginia. No reason appears in the act establishing the county for the name, but it is believed to have been selected in honor of the Princess Augusta, wife of Frederick Lewis, Prince of Wales, and daughter of Frederick II. Duke of Saxe-Gotha. Frederick county was created at the same time, and it is said, with good reason, to have derived its name from the Prince of Wales himself. From the act, which we quote in full from Hening’s Statutes, vol. 5, pp. 78-79, it will be seen that Augusta and Frederick are twin sisters: ACT FOR ESTABLISHING THE TWO COUNTIES PASSED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE COLONY OF VIRGINIA NOV. 1ST, 1738. I. Whereas, great numbers of people have settled themselves of late upon the rivers of Sherrando*, Cohengoruto and Opeckon, and the branches thereof, on the N. W. side of the Blue Ridge mountains, where- by the strength of this colony, and its security upon the frontiers, and H. M.’s revenue of quit rents are like to be much increased and augment- ed : For giving encouragement to such as shall think fit to settle there, II. Be it enacted by the Lieutenant-Governor, Council and Burgesses of this present General Assembly, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That all that territory and tract of land, at present deemed to be part of the county of Orange, lying on the northwest side of the top of the said mountains, extending from thence northerly, westerly and southerly, beyond the said mountains, to the utmost limits of Virginia, be *Sherrando, or Shenandoah, signifies, in the Indian tongue, Beautiful Daughter of the Stars.

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