Executive Journals of the Council of Colonial Virginia, May 1, 1705 - October 23, 1721


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Executive Journals, Council of Colonial Virginia
that the Assembly be prorogued till the first of July next, and a pro-
clamation was prepared accordingly.
April the 17th 1713
As Yesterday
The order for a Survey on the lands in dispute between Robert
Beverley and John Catlett, Richard Long and John Catlett junr not
being executed, on the motion of both partys is continued to be exe-
cuted and a return thereof made to the Council Office against the
third day of next October Gen11 Court.
On consideration of the petition of Thomas Jewell for stoping a
patent sued out by John Parker for land found to escheat from one
Stubble Stubbleson an Aliene, It appearing that in the year 1669 an
Inquisition was found on the same land and a grant thereof made to one
Thomas Wale who conveyed it to the petitioner but no patent thereof
on Record. It is Ordered that a patent be now granted the said Thomas
Jewell, he paying the composition due to her Majesty for the full
number of acres which the said Tract shall be found to contain upon a
Survey thereof to be made at the Charge of the said Jewell: And it
is Ordered that the Surveyor of Essex return a Plott and Survey of
the same into the Secretary’s Office that a patent may be prepared
thereon and the bounds ascertained therein.
Upon the petition of Thomas Johnson setting forth that Coll°
John Walker late of King and Queen deceased being indebted to the
petitioner in a considerable Sum of money and having a Right to a
Grant of 315 acres of land which was to have passed into a patent
in the name of John Waller did in his lifetime promise to make over
to the petitioner the said Tract of land as soon as it was patented in
part of Satisfaction of his said Debt, and the petitioner since the said
Walkers decease having obtained the Consent of all his Children that
are yet of age that the patent for the said Tract should pass in his name,
upon his setting off so much as the said Land shall amount to at the
rate of fourty pounds Sterling for every hundred acres; he therefore
prayed that a patent may be granted for the said Tract in his name.
Whereupon the Governor with the advice of the Council is pleased
to order that upon the petitioner’s giving bond to the Executors of
the said John Walker to performe his said Agreement of discharging
so much of his debt as the land shall amount to, and producing suf-
ficient testimony of Mr Wallers consent, a patent be prepared for the
said three hundred and fifteen acres of Land in the petitioner’s name.
A Caveat being entered by William Aylett Gent for stoping a
patent sued out by John Sandiford for a tract of Land found by In-
quisition to escheat from John Shaw and George Anderson; the said
Aylett claiming that Land by virtue of a patent thereof obtained about
eight years agoe, as lapsed from Richard Jones and George Turner to
whom the same was first granted. On hearing the Arguments of both
partys, the said Aylett admitting that the land was seated and not

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