Epitome of the life of "Ossawatomie" John Brown : including the story of his attack on Harpers Ferry and his capture, trial and execution

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For years, travelers going- east and west on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad viewed with interest John Brown’s Fort at Harpers Ferry, which was subsequently taken down and exhibited at the Chicago Exposition, and later, shipped back and erected on lands near Harpers Ferry, but not on the original site. The original spot is marked,however, by a tablet commemorative of the historic place. Harpers Ferry is not only a place of historic interest but of romantic beauty. Its appearance from the railroad is anything but pleasing, but, once ascend to its mountain tops and you will agree with Thomas Jefferson, that, “It is the most beautiful country on earth.” Here are Bolivar Heights in West Virginia,Louden Heights in Virginia, and Maryland Heights in Maryland, each vieing with the other in the beauty and

granduer of its scenery. Nature seems to have made one tremendous upheaval, and the beautiful Shenandoah river seems to have rent in twain the mountains to pour its waters into the Potomac. Here in the valley of the Shenandoah, lived a people who were the flower of the Virginias; elegant, refined, cultured, with slaves to respond to their needs. Here was quiet ...